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This Page links to some resources for Hospital Chaplains.

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Spanish Conversations mp3 file, produced as part of the Recording Class at ENMU, with Cristina Barajas and J.D.
Spanish Conversation .pdf file to accompany the audio file

Zip file of Bilingual Scriptures for printing out.
Two copies of a bilingual scripture fit on one 8" x 11" sheet of paper. I print them out on colored paper to help brighten the patients' day. Each sheet is cut in half and folded to give a greeting card. I use the blank side to leave a message if the patient is asleep or out of the room. Members of the hospital staff also often appreciate a daily scripture. I use a different scripture and color each day so that patients and staff get some variety.


Links to other Resources

ACPE - the Association for Clinical Pastoral Education - Accreditation for CPE Programs in the USA

Guidelines for the Chaplain's Role in Health Care Ethics, Association of Professional Chaplains

Cultural and Spiritual Learning module by Sue Wintz and Earl P. Cooper, Association of Professional Chaplains 100-page pdf file

Exploring Chaplaincy Ministry - pdf file, Church of the Nazarene

Student Guide for Exploring Chaplaincy Ministry - from the Church of the Nazarene

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