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Study Questions - Canons

These questions are intended to help you increase your knowledge and effectiveness as a Lay Leader. They may be used
(a) privately, as a self-check on your studies
(b) in a group discussion with your peers
(c) by you and your Rector as part of the training for Licensing

The relevant Canon may be consulted here

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Section 1 - Canonical requirements

  1. Which Canon of the Episcopal Church relates to Lay Ministers
  2. How does one become and remain a Communicant in Good Standing of a particular Parish or Mission
  3. How does one change one's membership from one Episcopal Parish or Mission to another
  4. Who establishes the guidelines and training for Lay Leaders
  5. What are the five classes of licensed Lay ministers
  6. Who licenses a Lay minister
  7. Who may request that a Lay minister be licensed
  8. How long may a Lay License run
  9. May a License be revoked, and if so, by whom
  10. What two conditions must be fulfilled for the renewal of a License
  11. What conditions must be met for a Licensed Lay minister to serve in a Parish or Mission other than the one the License originally specified
  12. List three areas in which the person licensed shall conform to the directions of the Bishop and the Clergy in charge
  13. What is a Pastoral Leader (Lay Pastor)
  14. What is a Lay Preacher allowed to do
  15. What restrictions apply to a Lay Preacher
  16. What are the two functions of a Lay Eucharistic Minister
  17. Who establishes the qualifications, requirements, and guidelines for the selection, training, and use of Lay Eucharistic Ministers
  18. What is the function of a Catechist
  19. What is the function of a Lay Reader
  20. Who recommends a person for licensing as a Lay Reader
  21. Who has the authority of training and licensing a Lay Reader
  22. Who directs the work of a Lay Reader
  23. What two functions may a Lector perform
  24. Does a Lector have to be licensed by the Bishop
  25. Who appoints a Lector
  26. What training is appropriate for a Lector


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