GR 201 - Beginning Greek


The following information is provided as a general guide for the students of GR 201.
If the schedule needs to be adjusted, students will be informed at the appropriate time.
This page gives the subjects to be covered each week, with the relevant text-book and other readings.

There will be a Quiz every week (except for Week 1), given at the start the first session of the week, on topics to be announced - generally on the material which was covered in the preceding week.

During or before the first week of the semester, students are asked to complete the tasks given on the Preparation Page for the Course

Tentative Class Schedule
WeekText BookClass Topics
Week 1 Introduction
chapter 1
chapter 2
appendix A.3
appendix B.1
Introduction to the Course
Brief History of Writing
The Greek Alphabet
Reading Practice
Week 2 chapter 3
chapter 4
Verbs and Nouns
The Present Indicative Active
Questions, Negation
Second Declension Masculine Nouns
Week 3 chapter 5
chapter 6
The Verb "to be"
Second Declension Neuter Nouns
Week 4 chapter 7
chapter 8
Contract Verbs
First Declension Feminine Nouns (part 1)
Week 5 chapter 9
chapter 10
First Declension Feminine Nouns (part 2)
Week 6 chapter 11
chapter 12
Personal Pronouns
First Declension Masculine Nouns
Second Declension Feminine Nouns
Week 7 chapter 13
chapter 14
The Definite Article
Direct and Indirect Statements
Week 8 chapter 15
chapter 16
Mid-Term Exam
More Pronouns
Week 9 chapter 17
chapter 18
The Imperative
Week 10 chapter 19
chapter 20
The Present Infinitive
Week 11 chapter 21
chapter 22
The Subjunctive
Deponent Verbs
The Middle Voice
Week 12 chapter 23
chapter 24
The Passive Voice
Middle and Passive Participles
Week 13 chapter 25
chapter 26
The Future, Active and Middle
Week 14 chapter 27
chapter 28
The Future - Liquid Verbs
The Weirdos
Week 15 Review
Week 16 Final Exams
All remaining assignments should be completed and given to the instructor before midnight, Wednesday of Final Exam Week

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