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This page will link to audio and video files of sections of my Online Greek Textbook


Introduction to the Greek Alphabet


"MediaSite" presentation, produced at ENMU

There are a couple of controls at the top of the MediaSite viewing pane. If you click on the control which looks like a magnifying glass, the Mouse pointer will move a magnifying pane wherever you move it over the viewing pane. If you click on the control which looks like a rectangular box, the reading pane will enlarge to full size.

Sections refer to Sections in the Textbook
Section 3.3 - The Greek Verb

I suggest that you print out the relevant section of the textbook so that you can follow along with the reading.

I would be grateful for comments and ideas - particularly from other teachers and from those who are trying to teach themselves Greek.

I am making these files generally available for educational purposes.
They may not be used for commercial purposes.
I retain the copyright.

As time permits, I will be making more audio and/or video files of some of the lessons, and linking them to this Page.


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