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Using "Blackboard-Turnitin™"


ENMU requires us to use "Turnitin™" as a means of combating plagiarism.

Blackboard has incorporated Turnitin as part of the total system - we no longer have to use separate websites.

  1. Students who cite their sources and show clearly what is quoted and what is original work should have no problems.
  2. Students who forget to cite their sources, or who inadvertently include non-original work, will be warned by "Turnitin™", giving their work a red or orange flag.
  3. Students who copy work from other people without citing their sources, and who merely send the work in as "their" work, may earn a grade of "F".

   Using "Blackboard-Turnitin™"

  • Submitting your work
    1. Make sure that you have cited your sources correctly.
    2. Save your work to disk or drive.
    3. Log on to your Blackboard account and click on your Course
    4. You will be taken to the Course Homepage. Click on the section named "Turnitin Submissions" It will take you to a page where you will find all the assignments, essays, papers, exams, etc. with their due dates.
    5. Click on the link for the correct assignment.
    6. Make sure you have the correct file for uploading - Turnitin only allows you to submit once to a box.
    7. The "submit" link is just below the title of the assignment
    8. You may submit an assignment after the due date (though it will drop a grade for lateness). The Turnitin submission inbox will say that the assignment is "ended" - but it should still accept your upload.
    9. You may submit work at any time, either before or after the due dates.
    10. I recommend that you prepare your work and save it as an MSWord.doc file on a disk or jump-drive. Name it something like "essay1.doc", and use "File Upload" to submit it to "Turnitin™" - Click on the "Submit" button in line with the assignment or essay you are checking, and a "Browse" box will appear - browse to the relevant file, then click on it to submit it.
    11. You will be shown the file you submitted, and asked if it is the correct file.
      When you choose "yes, submit it " a "Receipt Screen" will appear, with a small icon on the left, with an arrow to the portfolio - this will take you back to the class area, where you should see the name of the file you submitted in the line for that assignment.
      It takes "Turnitin™" several minutes to generate an Originality Report - there is a small rectangular box in the "contents" column - initially it is grey. Wait a few minutes, and if it does not change color, click the "Refresh" button for your browser - the icon should change to a color which indicates the proportion of non-original material in the file.
    12. You can choose to print an Originality Report, or to view a Webpage which will show which parts are identical to other sources. Use the Originality Report to identify any parts of your work which need to have their sources cited.
      Note - "Turnitin™" does not distinguish between work which is properly cited, and work which is not - it will highlight all non-original work. It is then up to the student to make sure that sources are correctly cited.
    13. If Turnitin gives a red or orange flag to your work, check the "Originality" option to see what has caused the high percentage. Some reports (e.g. those where you are asked to give information out of the textbook) give naturally high percentages, and there is no need to worry about such scores.
    14. You will be able to see your own Originality Reports, but not those of other students. I have not enabled "Peer Reviews" - no student will be able to see or review another student's work.
    15. When grading your work I add comments which are intended to help you improve throughout the semester.
    16. Taking note of the comments is part of the learning activity for the course.
    17. Until Turnitin shows that you have read the comments I will enter a grade of "1" for the assignment, until I see that you have read the comments.
    18. When Turnitin shows that you have looked at the comments, I will go back and enter your correct grade. I know this is a pain - but unless I do this, some students do not look at the comments, and so do not learn how to improve their work.
    19. The percentage which Turnitin shows is not your grade - it is the proportion of non-original work which Turnitin detects.
  • To see the feedback and comments :
    1. It may take me up to a week to get everyone's work graded and comments written on the work. I prefer to take time to try to help each student individually, rather than to rush through and assign grades without comments.
    2. Comments will be available after the assignment has been graded.
    3. When Blackboard shows that the assignment has been graded, go to the Turnitin Submissions Inbox.
    4. View your assignment in the "GradeMark" mode. Comments should appear as bubbles or boxes linked to highlighted portions of your text. Highlighting is in various colors; red highlighting generally indicates a major problem.
    5. If you wish to print the comments, there is a printer icon at the lower left hand corner of the screen.
    6. if there is anything that you do not understand, please contact me.

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