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* Caution when surfing the Net - there are some really weird Pages out there, some of them passing themselves off as serious research projects or classes, but presenting idiosyncratic ideas, chronologies, and interpretations of Biblical and/or Archaeological events. They are usually fairly easy to spot - if the author spends much of the time denouncing other workers and saying how much better his own theories are, or if he thinks aliens from outer space built the pyramids it's a pretty good sign it's a "Site not to remember".
The Links below are OK as far as I can tell.

Israel & Jordan Greece Rome & Italy Egypt Bibles
Hebrew Greek Latin Mesopotamia Aids for Bible Study
Archaeology - General Archaeology - Museums Archaeology - Sites Archaeology - Artifacts Fonts for ancient Languages

For Links to Archaeological Digs which accept student workers, see the Digs Page
For the lighter side, go here

ISRAEL : Aerial Views and Maps of Jerusalem - includes good commentaries and historical notes
El Ahawat - a Sea Peoples' Fortified Site in Israel
En Gedi
Facts about Israel
Franciscan Custodians of the Holy Land
Hebrew Net resources
The Hebrews (part of the World Civilizations Site)
The Holy Sepulchre
Israel - Archaeology from the Air - a Photographic Exhibit
Jerusalem Mosaic Tour
Leen Ritmeyer's Temple Mount Pages
Synagogues of the Second Temple Period
The Temple Mount
Virtual Tour of Israel
Virtual Tour of Jerusalem
JORDAN : The Ain Ghazal Project
The Ain Ghazal Statue Project
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HEBREW : The Rosetta Stone - modern language lessons, including Hebrew
Hebrew simple speaking lessons on the Web
Hebrew Alefbet and Judaica resources
Hebrew Lessons at the Hebrew Corner
IvritNet Hebrew lessons - need to download fonts from Snunit Site
Learn Hebrew
Virtual Jerusalem Hebrew Tutors, Quizzes, etc. for download. (I've had problems trying to download from this site)
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GREECE : The Perseus Project - * This has it all * - Archaeology, History, Geography, Maps, Greek Texts, Language - Grammar, Syntax. The texts can be read and printed out in English and/or Greek. To read the Greek texts one needs to download and install the Greek browser fonts which can also be accessed from this site. The Site can be confusing at first, but it's well worth getting used to.
Alexander the Great
Ancient Greece (part of the World Civilizations Site)
Hellenic Culture
The Minoans & The Myceneans (part of the World Civilizations Site)
College Year in Athens
Classical Backpacking in Greece - maps, photos, descriptions
Tourist guide to Greece
The Classical Origins of Western Culture (course material at Brooklyn College)
The Prehistoric Archaeology of the Aegean
Historical and Cultural Atlas
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GREEK : Greek01
Greek Lessons (NT Greek)
New Testament Greek, with a mirror site here - good set of lessons.
Learn Greek
Little Greek resources
Little Greek 101 (Koine) 6 lessons so far
Greek Prose Style
QuickMemory Greek program
Teknia for details of Bill Mounce's books, tapes, specimen chapters, Greek font
A User-Friendly Guide for reading Ancient Greek - seems to aim towards Homeric Greek
The Value of Learning Greek - and Learn Greek aims toward Koine (NT) Greek
Greek Language and Linguistics Gateway
Wordbase Greek Tutorial - download as .zip file
Differences between Classical and Hellenistic Greek
Greek in Greece
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ROME and ITALY : Pompeii Forum Project
A Visual Compendium of Roman Emperors
Roman Web Site List
Rome - History Resource Center
Rome (part of the World Civilizations Site)
Windows on Italy - the History
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LATIN : Latin lessons on the Web
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EGYPT : Ancient Egypt (part of the World Civilizations Site)
Ancient Egypt resource Pages prepared by 5th and 6th grade students of the International School of Amsterdam
Ancient Egypt on the Net
The Ancient Egypt Site
Egyptian Projects and InterNet Resources - another set of good Links by 6th grade students
Egyptology Resources - Newton Institute of the University of Cambridge
History of Egypt
Life in ancient Egypt
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Assyria Online
Mesopotamia (a part of the World Civilizations Site)
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ARCHAEOLOGY - GENERAL : ABZU - Resources for Near Eastern Archaeology
ABZU - Reports on Archaeological Sites in the Near East
Ancient History & Archaeology of the Middle East
Ancient Near Eastern Texts - ANET
Ancient World Web
An Atlas of the Greek and Roman World
Anthropology 110 at UKansas
Arch Net
Archaeology Home Page maintained by Prof. Longstaff, Colby College
"Archaeology on the Net" Web Ring (some of the sites a bit strange)
Archaeology on the WWW
Argos - search the Ancient and Medieval InterNet
Biblical Archaeological Society (BAS)
Classics and Archaeology Page - University of Michigan - enormous list of links
Exploring Ancient World Cultures
Images from History
Biblical Archaeology
Kev's Archaeology Forum
Near East Archaeological Society (run by Kev)
World Civilizations - the site is a bit confusing, but there are good pages on Egypt, Mesopotamia, and the Hebrews
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The Dead Sea Scrolls Exhibit
The Kelsey Museum - online exhibits, archaeological digs
The Oriental Institute - The University of Chicago
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ARCHAEOLOGY - SITES : At the Tomb of Tutankhamun : National Geographic's report on the opening of King Tut's tomb in 1923
Odyssey in Egypt - log into the week-by-week reports and illustrations of the excavations at Wadi Natrun in Egypt.
Oxyrhynchus : A City and its texts
The Pyramids and the Sphinx
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ARCHAEOLOGY - ARTIFACTS American Society of Papyrologists
Center for the study of ancient documents, Oxford University
Duke Papyrus Archive
Princeton University Library papyrus Home Page
The Tebtunis Papyri
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BIBLES The American Bible Society
The Apocrypha
Bible Gateway - Bibles in various languages
King James' (Authorized) Bible
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Aids to
Bible Answers
Bible Browser
Bible Information Online
Bible Pro downloads an executable file - check this for viruses first before opening
Bible Resource Page
Biblical Studies Online
Biblical Studies Page - Page with loads of links, including Biblical Archaeology, Greek, Hebrew, Latin
Christian Book Distributors
Christian Classics Library
ICL Net Christian Literature and Bibles
New Testament History
World Wide Study Bible
A Beginner's Guide to Studying the Scriptures
A Guide to Bible Study Helps
Unity and Diversity in Scripture
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The Lighter Side : A Brief History of Felis Catus and the Time Warp Gallery
Hieroglyphics Pages by "Neferkiki"
Travels with Mousey
The IgNobel Prizes
The IgNobel Archives
Ebonics Genesis
Lill Red Ridin Hud
Monty Python 1
Monty Python 2
Monty Python 3
Monty Python 4
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