HUM 493 / REL 493 - Continuation of Intermediate Latin

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Before contacting the Instructor you should go to the Basics Page and follow the instructions on that page. When you have printed out and read all the requisite material you may continue to the section below so that Dr Rollinson can set up your course records.

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Please write the answers to the questions as a text file or as an MS Word document, and send them either as an attachment to an email, or in the body of the email message itself to Dr. Rollinson at,,
Please use all three of these email addresses, just in case any of the sites are down.
They're weird addresses, but they give maximum storage for messages, which is what is needed if all the students send in their work simultaneously.

  1. What is your name?
  2. How do you like to be addressed?
  3. Your email address?
  4. Your student ID number?
  5. Your mailing address?
  6. Your daytime phone number?
  7. Your evening phone number?
  8. Are you currently registered for REL /HUM 493 ?
  9. Do you have the Course text books?
  10. Which Word Processing Program will you be using?
  11. Have you successfully sent an MSWord .doc file as an Attachment to an email message?
  12. Have you successfully received and opened an MSWord .doc file sent as an Attachment to an email message?
  13. Have you read the ENMU policy on Academic Integrity?
  14. What would be the least penalty for a Breach of Academic Integrity in this course?
  15. Does sharing a diskette, memory stick, jump drive, or word processed file with another student constitute a breach of Academic Integrity?
  16. Name 4 places on the Hard (C) Drive where you should check for, and delete, copies of your word-processed work
  17. How have you scheduled your study periods for this Course?
  18. Grades for Assignments are usually sent out each week by email. However, it is possible that hackers could get into your email box and read your grades. Would you like to receive grades weekly by email, or would you prefer to be notified monthly by snail mail? Or what other method would you prefer?
  19. Please add any comments or questions you may have.

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