HUM / REL 493 Advanced Latin


NOTE : For the start of the semester, only the first two Weeks' Assignments have been prepared.
Because this is the first time I have given this course online, I am not sure how much material can be covered in each week's reading.
Assignments for the rest of the semester will be set up after consultation with the students at the start of the semester.

There will be a weekly study report on the week's topics, usually due 9am Monday of the following week.
The Reports are usually in the form of an MS Word document (.doc file) for students to download, fill in during the week, and email back to the Instructor at the end of the week.
If you are unable to work with .doc files, please contact the Instructor to arrange for an alternate format for the file.

Reports should be sent by email, as an attachment to an email message to Dr. Rollinson at,,

Follow the links to the Assignment Pages for each week

Dates refer to the Spring Semester, 2011

Print this page and keep it to remind you of the dates.
Record the dates in your calendar.


9 am Monday, January 24 : Report 1


9 am Monday, January 31 : Report 2


9 am Monday, February 7 : Report 3


9 am Monday, February 14 : Report 4


9 am Tuesday, February 14 : Report 5
             One day later because of Presidents' Day


9 am Monday, February 14 : Report 6


9 am Monday, March 7 : Report 7


No Mid Term Exam this semester


9 am Monday, March 14 : Report 8


9 am Monday, March 28 : Report 9
             One week later because of Spring Break


9 am Monday, April 4 : Report 10


9 am Monday, April 11 : Report 11


9 am Monday, April 18 : Report 12


9 am Monday, April 25 : Report 13


9 am Monday, May 2 : Report 14


9 am Monday, May 9 : Report 15


Midnight, Wednesday, May 11 : Final Exam

Any overdue assignments should be completed and sent in before midnight, Wednesday, May 11

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