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Go here for the Apocrypha, non-canonical literature, and Christian Classics

NOTE - The Bible Courses which I teach - REL 310, REL 406, REL 415, REL 433, REL 464, and REL 415 - all have their own collections of Internet Resources


Bible Gateway by Gospelcom, has over 50 Bible texts in 35 languages online
BlueLetter Bible - search 13 versions of the Bible. Also Bible study resources
King James' (Authorized) Bible with Apocrypha
King James' Bible - Browse or Search
King James Version
KJV Bible in HTML
Online Bible (King James Version)
Revised Standard Version
RSV Bible including Apocrypha
Audio Bible
The Good Book
Nave's Topical Bible
The New King James Bible
The Unbound Bible
Web Bible
World English Bible
World Wide Study Bible
Parallel Greek New Testament - Scroll down the page for the English translations
Latin Vulgate Bible
Bible in French, German, Latin
Old English Bible
A' cur a' Bhiobuill air Compiutar - Scottish Gaelic Bible on the Internet
Online Chinese and English Bible
Hypertext Spanish Bible
Electronic New Testament Manuscripts Project
Gospel of Mark
The Polyglot Gospel of Luke
The Apocrypha
The Apocrypha - another site

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American Bible Society, Bible Resources
Acts 17:11 Topical Bible Studies
Acts of the Apostles
All the plants in the Bible
Amazing Bible
Ancient Road - Biblical and Archaeological Photos - free downloads
Atlantic Baptist University - Folder with many pages - NT & OT resources
BAS Slide Sets
Bethel Series
Bible 101
Bible Answers
Bible Answers - another site
Bible Browser
Bible Bulletin Board
Bible Explorer free downloads
Bible Gateway
Bible Gems
Bible History Site - lots of links to all sorts of sites
Bible Information Online
Bible Link Page
Bible Maps - free
Bible Notes
Bible Notes.net
Bible Places - high-resolution images of biblical places
Bible Pro lets you try it free for 20 days, then if you want to keep it you have to pay $20
Bible Quiz
Bible Reading Schedule and Charts
Bible Reading Fellowship
Bible Resource Page
Bible Resource Page from VTS
Bible Search
Bible Search - another site
Bible Search - another search site
Bible Search - another site
Bible Stories for Adults
Bible Studies
Bible Studies by Aggelia Publishing
Bible Studies for Christians
Bible Studies on the Internet
Bible Study 1
Bible Study 2
Bible Study and Apologetics Resource Centre
Bible Study Guide.org
Bible Study Net
Bible Study Planet.com
Bible Study Tools
Bible Stuff for Kids
Bible Today
Bible tools, Greek, Hebrew, fonts, discussion groups
Biblical Studies Info Page - Go to the links section for information on articles looted from the museums of Iraq
Biblical Studies Foundation
Biblical Studies Online
Biblical Studies Page - Page with loads of links, including Biblical Archaeology, Greek, Hebrew, Latin
The Blue Letter Bible - tools and resources
Blue Letter Bible, Commentaries
Catholic Encyclopedia Articles on the Bible
Christian Book Distributors
Christian Book Distributors 2
Christian Classics Library
Christian Classics Library - another site
Christian Resource Institute - Biblical and Lectionary Resources, the Church Calendar
CrossWalk Bible Study Tools
Free Bible Software
Gospel Com - English Bible
Gospel Com - Roman Catholic Bible Translations
Grail Psalter
History of the English Bible - Christian History Institute
Holy Land Photos - Photos of Biblical places
ICL Net links to Christian Literature and Bibles
Interactive Bible
Internet Bible Study
Joyful Heart Studies
Ken Collins Bible Studies
Little Bible Handbook
Links for seminarians and clergy
Love The Lord Bible Studies
New Testament History
Notes on the Greek New Testament
Notre Dame theological Glossary
Read through the Bible in one year
Resource Pages for Biblical Studies page with lots of links
The Bible and History - Course at George Fox University
World Wide Study Bible
World Wide Study Bible - another site
Atlantic Baptist University Pages : Code of Hammurabi
Rosetta Stone
Jerusalem - archaeology history
Sodom and Gomorrah
Wisdom Literature, Psalms
Wisdom Literature, Revelation
Feasts and Festivals
Weights and Measures
Jewish Calendar
InterTestamental Era
Paul (with 4th journey)
Kings of Israel
Surrounding Nations
Elijah and Elisha
Jewish Parties
Hebrew Poetry - Psalms

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Classic Bible Commentaries
John Darby's Synopsis of the Old and New Testaments
The Geneva Study Bible
John Gill's Exposition of the Entire Bible
Jamieson, Faussett, and Brown Bible Commentary
Complete Matthew Henry Commentary on the Bible
John Wesley's Notes on the Bible
B. W. Johnson's People's New Testament
McGarvey and Pendleton's Bible Commentaries - Gospels and Acts
The Standard Bible Commentary - McGarvey and Pendleton - Thessalonians, Corinthians, Galatians and Romans
John Lightfoot's Commentary on the New Testament - just the Gospels
Dr. J. Vernon McGee's Notes and Outlines - Mark, Luke, and John
Martin Luther's Commentary on Galatians, and Introduction to Romans
Charles H. Spurgeon's Treasury of David
Executable Outlines - Bible Study Guides
The Bible - 1way2God site
Walking Thru The Bible
World Wide Study Bible

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