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These are sites that don't fit into any of the general categories, but that are among my favorites, or sites that I visit regularly

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The Hunger Site - Click for free, and help feed those who are starving
The Rainforest Site - Click for free, and help buy rainforests to preserve them for the future
The Child Health Site - Click for free, and help provide medicine and care for children around the world
The Animal Rescue Site - Click for free, and help feed an animal in a shelter
The Breast Cancer Site - Click for free, and help provide mammograms for women in need

Web Shots - download up to 5 gorgeous photos for free each day, and use them for screensavers or wallpaper
NASA - Earth, Space, the Universe
Brogden Lane - aerial view of the old Roman road. I rode my pony and walked over those fields, and two of my school friends lived in houses shown in the photo
Roman Roads in Lancachire - the source of the photo above
The Flying Bedstead - developed and built at Rolls-Royce
The Flying Bedstead
The Flying Bedstead - photos
The Flying Bedstead - now in the Science Museum, London
The Council for British Archaeology - lists currents digs and activities
The Startrek Site
ACBL - American Contract Bridge League
"Photos that will never make the news"

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