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REL 101 - Old Testament Survey


Essays should preferably be prepared using MS-Word, and e-mailed to Dr. Rollinson at rel101@hellokitty.com, rel101@mail2world.com, rel101@catholic.org as an Attachment.
Please do not use macros when writing your essays - the anti-virus software used by ENMU deleted the whole of one of my students essays because it thought the macro was a virus.
If you wish to use another method, please contact Dr. Rollinson first.

For information on Edited Standard Written English, go here

For help with the Essay on the Life of Abraham, go here

Apart from Essay No. 1, which may be from one to three pages in length, essays should be from three to ten pages in length, consisting of material relevant to the topic. They should not consist of material cut-and-pasted from encyclopedias, on-line crib sites, or other material not of your own writing.

You should check your work with Turnitin © before sending it to me.

If you need help in writing Essays, please contact the Writing Workshop, which is free for all students at ENMU.


Essay No.Topic
1 Send an email with an Attachment of a Word document in which you tell me what you would like to get out of this course.
2 The life of Abraham, told from the view-point of Abraham
Write as if you were Abraham, telling your story to Keturah
3 The life of Joseph, told from the view-point of Joseph.
Write as if you were Joseph, talking to Machir's children
4 The life of Moses, told from the view-point of Moses.
Write as if you were Moses, telling the story of his life to a group of Israelite children
5 The life of Joshua, told from the view-point of Joshua.
Write as if you were Joshua, telling the story to Caleb's grandchildren
6 The life of David, told from the view-point of David.
Write as if you were David, telling the story of his life to young Solomon

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