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Sites with general information about world Religions

Be careful when trolling the InterNet - there are some very strange sites out there. There are also many very good informative ones. I hope that my students will develop the ability to distinguish a good factual presentation from one which is merely someone's opinion and personal agenda.
When writing papers, be very careful to cite your sources, and try to put things into your own words, rather than just copy and paste from a web page.

Warning about Wikipedia - Wikipedia is a site where anyone can post anything - whether it is true or not. Although most of the articles are balanced and factual, some are not. If you use Wikipedia, DO NOT rely on the articles themselves, but check out the references given at the foot of the page. If the references lead to reputable sites (academic or other good sites) you may use the material from them. Do not use material which appears to come from one person's imagination or from sites which show bias.

Remember to cite your sources

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