REL 402 - World's Living Religions


The following information is provided as a general guide for the students of REL 402 Web-Based Class, taught by Dr. Rollinson at ENMU.
If the schedule needs to be adjusted, students will be informed at the appropriate time.
NOTE : This page gives the subjects to be covered each week, with the relevant text-book readings.
There are Tests and Discussions to be completed on BlackBoard each week, and several Essays due on various dates during the semester.

Tests are generally due by 12 noon on the Monday of the next week (unless that day is a holiday.)
Due Dates are given on the Assignments Page.

Tentative Class Schedule

Week Topics Reading and Research Assignments
Week 1 Introduction to the Course
Religion and World-View
Features common to most Religions
Textbook - Chapter 1, pages 2-29
Notes on Worldview
Introductory Notes on Religions
Module 1
Essay 1
Week 2 Judaism Textbook - Chapter 11, pages 351-409 Module 2
Week 3 Zoroastrianism
Messianic Judaism
Textbook - chapter10, pages 322-340
InterNet Resources
Week 4 Christianity Textbook - Chapter 12, pages 410-467,
Notes on Christian denominations
Notes on Christian Leaders
Notes on Christianity
Module 4
Essay 2
Week 5 Christian Denominations and
New Religious Movements
Chapter 14 (partial), pages 532-541 and 562
Notes on Christian denominations
Notes on Christian New Religious Movements
InterNet Resources
Module 5
Week 6 Islam Textbook - Chapter 13, pages 469-523
Notes on Islam
Module 6
Week 7 Druze
Nation of Islam
Textbook - Chapter 14 (partial), pages 559-561
Notes on the Druze
Notes on Baha'i
InterNet Resources
Module 7
Essay 3
Week 8 Hinduism Textbook - Chapter 4, pages 88-141
Notes on ISKON
Module 8
Week 9 Buddhism Textbook - Chapter 5, pages 142-187
Notes on Buddhism in Japan
Notes on Zen Buddhism
Module 9
Week 10 Jainism Textbook - Chapter 6, pages 188-215
Notes on Jains
Module 10
Essay 4
Week 11 Sikhism Textbook - Chapter 7, pages 216-243
Notes on Sikhs
Module 11
Week 12 Chinese Traditional Religion, Confucianism, Taoism Textbook - Chapter 8, pages 244-295
Notes on Chinese History
Notes on Chinese Traditional Religion
Notes on Chinese Festivals
Module 12
Week 13 Japanese Religions Textbook - Chapter 9, pages 296-321
Notes on Shinto
Notes on Buddhism in Japan
Notes on Zen Buddhism
Notes on Christianity in Japan
Module 13
Essay 5
Week 14 Indigenous Religions Textbook - Chapter 2, pages 30-57
Textbook, pages 542-543 - Rastas
Notes on Navajo Religion
Notes on Hopi Religion
Notes on Zuni Religion
Notes on Rastas
Module 14
Week 15 New Religious Movements Textbook - chapter 14, pages 524-569
Notes on Christian New Religious Movements
Notes on ISKON
InterNet Resources are provided
Module 15
Final Project - Term Papers
Week 16 Final Exam Week
The Final Project, due 9 am, Wednesday of Finals Week.
Any overdue assignments should be completed and submitted before 9 am, Wednesday of Finals Week.

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