REL 433 - Biblical Archaeology


The following information is provided as a general guide for the students of REL 433
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Week Topics
Week 1 Introduction to the Course
Geography of the Middle East - Mesopotamia, Egypt, Turkey, Israel, and Jordan
Geography of Greece and Italy
The influence of geography on the development of cultures
Mazar, p. 1-10, "the Geographic Setting", "The Tell and the Ruin"
Week 2 The archaeological dig
Settlements, Stratigraphy and Chronology
Mazar, p.21-30, "Stratigraphy", "Excavation Methods", "Chronology and Archaeological Periods"
Week 3 History of Archaeology
Mazar, p. 10-21, "History of the Research"
Week 4 Problems and Pitfalls in Archaeology
Week 5 Palaeolithic & Mesolithic Periods
The Neolithic Period
Mazar, chapter 2 "The First Agricultural Communities"
Week 6 The Chalcolithic Period
Early Bronze Age
Mazar, chapter 3 "Innovative Communities"
Mazar, chapter 4 "The Emergence of Cities"
Week 7 Early Bronze - Middle Bronze transition
Middle Bronze
Mazar, chapter 5 "An Interlude"
Mazar, chapter 6 "Mighty Canaanite City-States"
Bible : Genesis, chapters 12-36
Week 8 The Late Bronze Age
Mazar, chapter 7 "Egyptian Domination"
Bible : Genesis, chapters 37-50
Week 9 Iron Age I
Mazar, chapter 8 "The Days of the Judges"
Bible : Joshua, Judges, Ruth, I Samuel chapters 1-8
Week 10 Iron Age IIA
Iron Age IIB-C
Mazar, chapter 9 "The United Monarchy"
Mazar, chapter 10 "The Divided Monarchy"
Bible : I Samuel, chapters 9-31 & II Samuel & I Kings, chapters 1-11
Week 11 Mazar, chapter 11 "The Israelite Material Culture"
Week 12 The Assyrian, Babylonian & Persian Periods
Mazar, chapter 12 "Israel's Neighbors"
Bible : I Kings, chapters 12-22, & II Kings
Week 13 Alexander the Great
The Hellenistic Period
Week 14 Rome
The Herodian dynasty
Week 15 The Dead Sea Scrolls
The Jewish Revolts
The World of the New Testament
Week 16 Finals Week
Two Term Papers
All remaining assignments should be completed and submitted before midnight, Wednesday of Finals Week


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