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REL 491 - Jerusalem 2,000 BC to AD 2,000

Directed Study

The following information is provided as a general guide for the students of REL 491 Directed Study, by Dr. Rollinson at ENMU.
If the schedule needs to be adjusted, students will be informed at the appropriate time.

There is a separate Page where the topics for each week's research will be posted throughout the Semester.

Tentative Class Schedul
Week 1 Introduction to the Course
The Geography of the Middle East
Library Research - National Geographic Magazine
Week 2 Geography and Geology of Israel/Palestine
Local Geography of Jerusalem
Week 3 Current trends in Biblical Archaeology
Library Research - Biblical Archaeology Review
Week 4 History and Archaeology - the Neolithic Ages
Week 5 History and Archaeology - the Early Bronze Age
Week 6 History and Archaeology - the Middle Bronze Age
Week 7 History and Archaeology - the Late Bronze Age
Week 8 Mid-term Exams & Mid-Term Paper
Week 9 History and Archaeology - Iron Age I
Week 10 History and Archaeology - Iron Age II
Week 11 History and Archaeology - Babylonian and Persian domination
Week 12 History and Archaeology - the Hellenistic Age amd the Inter-Testamental Era
Week 13 History and Archaeology - Roman domination and the Early Christian Church
Week 14 History and Archaeology - Byzantines, Crusaders, the Arab Conquest
Week 15 formation of the modern State of Israel
Partition of Jerusalem
Week 16 Final Exam Week
Final Term Paper

All assignments should be completed and sent in before midnight, Wednesday of Finals week.

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