REL 495 - Senior Seminar

Due Dates

Reports should be emailed or brought to the Instructor by 9am, Monday mornings, except for the couple of weeks when there is a holiday on the Monday - in which case the due date is extended by a day

The email addresses for the course are , , and
Please use all three addresses, just in case any of them go down or run into other difficulties. If your email account allows you to make Mailing Lists, you might make a List of these addresses and use it each time you want to contact the instructor.

The Instructor will be available for discussion and help during the semester, at the posted office hours.
Contact may also be made by email or by phone.
If the schedule needs to be adjusted, students will be informed at the appropriate time.

The sequence of writing the Paper will be : Preliminary Draft - Final Draft - Final Paper
Dates refer to the Spring Semester, 2010


Week 1 Report - due 9am, Monday, January 25

  1. Your "Contact Information"
  2. A brief (one-paragraph) description of a topic that interests you
  3. Enroll with the Turnitin™ system


Week 2 Report - due 9am, Monday, February 1

  1. Your suggestions as to choice of Faculty Panel : two from the Religion Faculty.
    If all students choose the same Faculty, you may be asked to consider alternates.
  2. Contact your choices for your Faculty Panel, obtain their permission, and enquire as to when they would need your Final Paper to be completed. Include this information in your Report for this week
  3. From the Turnitin Site - give 5 occasions when you need to cite a source
  4. From the "Student Guide to Avoiding Plagiarism" - What is the best way to avoid plagiarism?
  5. From the University of Toronto Web Site - What are the three main things you have to document?


Week 3 Report - due 9am, February 8
A half-page to one page description of your choice of research topic

  1. Why do you choose this topic?
  2. What will be the main thesis of your paper?
  3. Are there conflicting views or interpretations for this topic?
  4. What resources do you plan to use?


Weeks 4 & 5 Report - due 9am, February 22

  1. List 6 sources that you have consulted. Write a one-sentence description of each
  2. Do you wish to continue with your choice of topic, or do you wish to modify it or change to another?
  3. If you wish to modify or change your topic, write a one-page report giving your reasons


Weeks 6 & 7 - due 9am, March 8

  1. Write a preliminary draft of your paper
    This should be at least ten (10) pages in length, sketching out the sequence of your argument or thesis, with some paragraphs in fairly complete form
  2. Check the paper with Tunitin™
  3. Send the preliminary draft to the course email boxes, or take a copy to the Instructor's Office, JWLA 208

The preliminary draft of your paper will be the basis for your mid-term grade


Week 8 - Mid Term Exam Week


Weeks 8 & 9 - due 9am, March 29 - Immediately after Spring Break

  1. Write the first 3-5 pages of the final draft
  2. Proof-read carefully, for spelling, grammar, and style
  3. Check with Turnitin™
  4. Send it to the course email boxes
  5. Continue to work on the rest of the paper


Weeks 11 & 12 - due 9am, April 19

  1. Finish the final draft of the whole paper
  2. Proof-read carefully, for spelling, grammar, and style
  3. Check with Turnitin™
  4. Send the final draft to the course email boxes
  5. Discuss the final draft with your Faculty Reviewers


Weeks 13 & 14 - due 9 am, May 3

  1. Make any alterations or corrections as suggested by the Faculty Reviewers
  2. Take or send the Final Paper to your Faculty Reviewers and send it to the course email boxes


Week 15 - Final Exam Week
Your Research Paper should have been finished, so you can concentrate on your Final Exams in other courses

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