REL 495 - Senior Seminar


The following information is provided as a general guide for the students of REL 495.

The Instructor will be available for discussion and help during the semester, at the posted office hours. Contact may also be made by email or by phone.
If the schedule needs to be adjusted, students will be informed at the appropriate time.

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Week 1
Introduction to the course
Preliminary choice of topics for Research Papers
Preliminary choice of Faculty Reviewers - student's choice of two members of the Religion Faculty.
It is up to the individual student to contact the Faculty Reviewers and ask their consent.
Week 2
The Research Paper.
Resources. Library and InterNet.
Plagiarism. Turnitin™ - the student should register for the REL 495 section of Turnitin™, and should use the system to check for undue similarity to other writings
Week 3
Choices of topics.
Search for information.
More than one point of view should be considered.
Week 4
Reading and note-taking
Week 5
Reading and note-taking
Week 6
Sketch out a preliminary draft of the Paper
Check with Turnitin™
Week 7
Students will send or take their preliminary drafts to their Faculty Reviewers and to the Course email address
Week 8
Mid Term Exam week
Students will discuss their preliminary drafts with their Faculty Reviewers
This will form the basis for the mid-term grade
Week 9
Further research, based on the feedback on the preliminary draft
Week 10
Further research, based on the feedback on the preliminary draft
Week 11
Start to write the final draft
Week 12
Check the spelling, grammar and all citations
Proof-read carefully
Check with Turnitin™
Week 13
Print and assemble sufficient copies for the Faculty panel
Take or send copies to the Faculty
Week 14
Be available for discussion with the Faculty panel
Make any corrections or alterations as suggested by the Faulty panel
Take or send the Final Paper to the Faculty panel - this includes the course email boxes
Week 15
Final Exam Week
Your Research Paper should have been finished, so you can concentrate on your Final Exams in other courses

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