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Discussion Groups

There are several Groups for Cursillistas on the Yahoo system - some are for general world-wide membership, but many are for members of local Cursillo communities to keep in touch with one another.
To get an over-view of the Groups available, go to the Yahoo main Page. There is a list of things such as News, Finance . . . and More" toward the top. Click on "More" and a page will come up listing Yahoo's "Products and Services". Choose "Groups" Click on "Groups" and a Page with a Search Box will come up, labeled "Search Groups". Type "Cursillo" into the Box, press the button labeled "Search" and a list of about 100 Cursillo-related e-Groups will come up. Browse the list to find one for your area or interests

The big Cursillo Discussion Group is at

The Cursillo Prayer List is at

The big group for all 4th-Day movements is at

An on-line Ultreya is at

To join a Yahoo Group, one needs to

  1. get a "Yahoo ID"
  2. choose which Group(s) you would like to join
  3. apply to join the Group

To get a "Yahoo ID":

  1. Go to the Yahoo Main Page
  2. In the top left corner, by the Yahoo logo, is a link for members to sign in, and another link for New Users to sign up. Follow the New Users Sign-Up link.
  3. A Page will come up, with a form for you to fill out - your name, etc., and your choice of Yahoo ID and Password. Please choose an ID which will remind others of your real name. It's not nice to be in a chat-room with someone with a false identity.
  4. Complete the Form, and you should be given your chosen ID and password

To choose a Group :

  1. See above for the general procedure
  2. Some factors to consider
    1. How many members are already in the Group? - a large group may generate many messages per day
    2. How active is the Group? - How many messages were posted recently?
    3. If the Archives are "public" - check them out and see if they are the sort of messages you would like to receive. There are some groups with innocuous sounding names, but which have a large proportion of porn messages

Joining a Group

  1. Go to for the directory and search box for Yahoo Groups
  2. Use the Search Box or the Category listings to find a Group
  3. Click on the Group Name - this will take you to the Home page for the Group
  4. On the left hand side of the Home Page there is a panel listing features of the Group. The top of this panel lists features which are open to non-members as well as members. It's a good idea to check them out before asking to join
  5. Towards the center of the Page there should be a blue button, saying "Join This Group!" Press the button
  6. A new page will come up, with a form for you to fill out. Fill out the form, and press the button at the bottom of the Page.
  7. You may have to wait for a Moderator to view your application and OK your membership
  8. Note : some Groups restrict their membership according to guidelines laid down by the "owner" of the Group. You may not be able to join some particular Groups, but there are plenty of others with open membership

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