The Cursillo Secretariat

Members of the Secretariat for a Diocese are appointed by the Bishop, and dedicate themselves to the work of the Secretariat as their primary apostolate.
Under ideal circumstances, this means that members of the Secretariat do not work as Team members for a Cursillo Weekend, although the Secretariat plans the places and dates of the Weekends, and chooses the Rector/Rectora for each Weekend.

According to the Fundamental Ideas of the Cursillo Movement. the Secretariat is the group of leaders - priests and lay people - who, presented by the council, are appointed by the bishop, in order to orient, animate, and serve the Cursillo Movement.

The Secretariat should function primarily as a Group Reunion, with the purpose of empowerment rather than power. As outlines by the booklet on the Secretariat in the "Cursillo Library", The Secretariat

  1. Studies environments to be Christianised - Note that this comes first
  2. Focuses the efforts of Cursillo leaders on the work of bringing Christ into those environments.
  3. Raises up leaders to act as Cursillo Teams for the Three-Day Weekends.
  4. Promotes unity, love, and trust among members of the Movement
  5. Promotes and models in its own life a vital expression of the Cursillo method - especially Group reunions.
  6. Seeks, through prayer and study, the guidance and blessing of the Holy Spirit for the Movement as a whole.

The Secretariat also maintains ties with the National Episcopal Cursillo, and is responsible for announcing scheduled Weekends to the wider Cursillo Community and inviting them to offer prayer (palanca) for the Weekend.

Members of the Secretariat should be in a weekly Group Reunion and be active in the Fourth Day. They should also be active in their parish church, and in the diocese as a whole. The membership of the Secretariat should be rotated, to guard against the development of a "Cursillo Career" mentality. and to train new leaders.

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