What is Cursillo ?


"Cursillo", (pronounced kur-SEE-yo ) is short for "Cursillo de Cristianidad", meaning "A little course in Christianity". At heart it is a method of building support groups to help and encourage Christians as they minister and bear witness to Christ in their "environments" - wherever they work, play, live, or travel. People come into the Cursillo Community by attending a three-day Weekend, and then continue the methods and discipline learned on the Weekend into their "Fourth Day" - the rest of their lives.
The first Cursillo was held in Mallorca, Spain, by a group of Roman Catholic laymen led by Eduardo Bonnin, January 7, 1944. It was brought to the U.S.A. by Spanish airmen training at Corpus Christi, Texas.
The first Cursillo in the U.S.A. was in Spanish, and was held in Waco, Texas, May 25, 1957.
The first English Cursillo in the U.S.A. was held at Our Lady of Guadalupe Monastery near Pecos, New Mexico.
The first Episcopal Cursillo was held in Dallas, Texas, May 25, 1972, although there are claims that the first "official" Cursillo Weekend in the Episcopal Church was conducted in the Diocese of Iowa.
"Cursillo", or similar movements based on a Weekend as an introduction to a deeper life with Christ, has now spread to many denominations, and Cursillo or similar Weekends are being held all over the world, either for general groups of Christians, or for special groups such as teenagers, College students, various language/ethnic groups, nursing homes, the deaf, and those in prison or youth detention centers.

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