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If you see a row of eight accented Greek characters on the left which are similar to the ones on the right (not necessarily the same font), then you already have a Unicode polytonic Greek font installed and your computer should be ready to read (but not necessarily to write) polytonic Greek texts.

ἀ έ ῃ ϊ ὸ ῥ ϋ ᾧ      


If you see some boxes amongst the characters, then you need to download and install a polytonic Greek Unicode font. This will enable you to read not only the basic Greek characters, but all the combinations of accents and breathings which are used with ancient Greek.

Polytonic Greek Unicode fonts

Note - as of the time I write this, the Elpenor site has suffered a breakdown. Although the main pages are intact, they do not link to download pages, so few of the fonts can be downloaded from their site until the breakdown has been repaired.

I prefer Greek fonts which use a circumflex rather than a tilde for the circumflex accent, a lunate epsilon, and a theta written with a horizontal line

Utilities for working with Unicode fonts

  • Texts and Tools - BiblicalGreek.org
  • Antioch - Ralph Hancock. Downloadable program to type in Unicode. Registered users of Antioch also gain access to eight other polytonic fonts
  • BabelPad - text editor
  • Keyman - I haven't tried this one yet
    Keyman - another site
  • MultiKey - Elpenor site - for writing polytonic Greek
    MultiKey - freeware program for writing polytonic Greek. On my computer, with Windows 98 and Word 97 it runs OK for a while and then crashes the system. Then I have to close everything out and start again. Save frequently. The package comes with the font Aisa Unicode - don't use this font. It doesn't work with other Unicode fonts
  • Sibylla - for entering Greek polytonic characters
  • Unitype - free demo for typing Unicode in Microsoft XP/2000
  • Unicode Polytonic Greek for the WWW
  • TypeGreek - Online utility for typing in Greek Unicode.
  • TypeGreek Alphabet Key
  • Greek Unicode Converter - to convert text written in some non-Unicode fonts into Unicode, for free
  • Symbol Font to Unicode Converter - to convert text written in symbol font into Unicode, for free

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