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I wrote this web page at a time when Unicode was being developed, but there were no good fonts or keyboard support for polytonic Greek. Polytonic Greek employs a full set of accents, breathings, and iota-subscripts.
Now there are several fonts which conform to Unicode specifications, and which contain the Greek accented letters as complete characters, rather than as combinations of characters.
So the time has come for me to change from "legacy fonts" such as SPIonic, to the more versatile and universally accepted polytonic Unicode.

If you see a row of eight accented Greek characters on the left which are similar to the ones on the right (not necessarily the same font), then you already have a Unicode polytonic Greek font installed and your computer should be ready to read (but not necessarily to write) polytonic Greek texts.

ἀ έ ῃ ϊ ὸ ῥ ϋ ᾧ      


Unicode Polytonic Greek fonts

Go here for a page of links to free Unicode font downloads and resources

Legacy fonts

The rest of this page links to resources for the older "legacy fonts"
Although the legacy fonts are much smaller than Unicode ones, and are generally quick and easy to use, they have the drawback of not being universal in scope and use. Some workers still use legacy fonts, so I am continuing to make them available, although I myself no longer use them.

Scholars Press Font archive

Scholar's Press is no longer active, but the fonts which they developed are still available and used widely.
SPIonic is the font I used to use for my Greek classes, and it was extremely easy to use, with nicely-shaped characters. It is in the public domain.
If you would like your own copy of the font you can download it as part of a pack of fonts here (81 KB, includes a keyboard map for SPIonic), or as an individual font SPIonic.ttf, or contact Dr. Shirley

Go here for a Keyboard Map of SPIonic

Go here to see examples of Greek fonts

Go here to see more examples of Greek fonts

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