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The Break-up of Alexander's Empire


All boundaries, and borders of countries, are approximate

The territory controlled by a king or people varied from time to time, and was often disputed by other peoples. The coast-line has varied over the years, particularly in the Gulf of Persia. An approximation to the modern coast-line is generally used in the maps


map of the break-up of Alexander's Empire
Seleucid The Seleucid Empire was founded by Alexander's general Seleucis. His descendents were generally named either Seleucis or Antiochus. India and much of the lands to the east of Persia revolted and returned to local rulership on the death of Alexander
Ptolemaic The Ptolemaic Empire was founded by Alexander's general Ptolemy, who took Alexander's body with him to Egypt. The ruling men of his line were all named Ptolemy; and the women, Cleopatra
Macedon Macedonia was claimed by members of Alexander's family, who were all eventually murdered. The land reverted to the status of a small kingdom until it was taken by the Romans in 168 BC
Greek Much of Greece had been virtually independent of Alexander even during his lifetime. On the break-up of the Empire, Greek cities started forming leagues for defense. Some came under the control of several of the competing generals, and there was a rather confused period which culminated in the take-over by the Romans in 146 BC.

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