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All dates, particularly the earlier ones, are approximate.
Scholars are still unsure of the dates of the Exodus and the period of the Judges. One can not merely add up the years recorded for each king's reign, or the life-spans of the patriarchs : fractional years of a reign were recorded as though they were full years, and in some cases an older king would appoint a son as "future king" while he was still living, thus leading to overlapping regnal years (as was the case for David and Solomon).
The calendar itself has varied over the years, from one culture to another and from one period to another.
The dates given below are in accord with the general chronology and sequence of events as accepted by most scholars.
For ease of printing out the tables, the history has been put on several pages, corresponding to major periods in history. Dates for individuals' lives and for kings' reigns are very approximate, and are used only to give an idea of who lived when.

Before 2,000 BC : before Abraham. Strictly speaking, the "History of Israel" should only begin with the entry of the tribes of Israel into the Promised Land, or else with the call of Abram by God. However, there are several thousand years of history and pre-history leading up to these events and laying the ground-work for them, so they are included in the tables in order that students may grasp the over-all sweep of history for that period.

The Patriarchs and the stay in Egypt : ca 2,000 BC - 1,300 BC.

Exodus, Joshua and the Judges : ca. 1,300 BC - 1,050 BC

the United Monarchy : ca. 1,050 BC - 931 BC

the Divided Monarchy : ca. 931 BC to 586 BC

Exile and Return : 586 BC - 400 BC

Alexander and Hellenism : 336 - 63 BC

Rome, Revolts and the Destruction of Jerusalem : 63 BC - AD 200

The Early Church, Constantine, Eastern and Western Empires : AD 200 - 450

Byzantines, Masoretes, early Western Europe : AD 400 - 600

Mohammed, Islam, the Arabs : AD 600 - 800

Angles, Saxons, Danes, Normans, The Great Schism, the Norman Conquest : AD 800 - 1,066

The Crusades : AD 1,066 - 1,400

Reformation and Restoration : AD 1,400 - 1,700

Rise of Zionism : AD 1,700 - 1,900

The Formation of modern Israel : AD 1,900 - 2,000

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