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The United Kingdom - ca. 1,050 - 931 BC


All dates, particularly the earlier ones, are approximate.

Date Israel Elsewhere
1,050 - 1,010 BC 1,050 BC fall of Shiloh
Samuel the Prophet.
1,020 - 1,000 BC ? Saul, King.
Wars with Philistines and others
1,100-800 BC "Dark Ages" of Greece
Greek society declined, towns abandoned, trade disrupted, the knowledge of writing lost.
Homer (and others ?) composed the Troy saga (10 epic songs, of which 2 survive to the present)

Etruscans moving into Italy

ca. 969-936 BC Hiram, king of Tyre
Phoenician colonies in Sicily

Libyan dynastic rule in Egypt.
1,010 - 970 BC David as King, captured Jerusalem and made it the capital of the Israelite Kingdom.
length uncertain Co-Regency of David & Solomon
970 - 931 BC Solomon as King
959-952 BC, Building of the Temple
931 BC The Divided Monarchy - Split between the southern kingdom of Judah, with Rehoboam as King, and the northern kingdom of Israel with Jeroboam I as King

Main Sources : Smithsonian Timelines of Ancient History, The Timetables of History (Bernard Grun)

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