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Download Page for Free Graphics

You are welcome to download and use as much as you wish.
You may use any of these graphics for free for private, educational, or Church web pages.
You may not use these graphics for sale, for profit, or for financial, political, pornographic, hate-mongering pages, or other such purposes.

Right-click on the graphic and choose "Save As" to re-name and save it to your rig.

I would appreciate a link back to my site, http://www.drshirley.org if you use the graphics on the Web.
I am always interested to hear from those who use these pages - please drop me a line at rollinsondr@yahoo.com

Most of the graphics are in .gif format and use browser-safe palettes with 16 colors
Bars are generally 600 pixels wide by 12 pixels high
Arrows, Mail icons, and ENMU logos are generally 40x40 pixels, with transparent backgrounds
Buttons and Bobs are generally 20x20 pixels
W3C icons are 90x30 pixels

Follow the links for


Here are some bars which I did not make, but picked up somewhere on the Web. They are so good that they deserve to be passed on and used.
If you are the author of any of these, please contact me so that I can give due acknowledgment and thanks

If you want to try designing some bars for yourself, here is a skeleton to start with. Try putting some highlights in. Have fun.

And here's something I made years ago on a design site which has since gone down. I no longer use it, so you're welcome to it


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