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This page links to the Homework pages for the Online Greek Textbook.
The Homework pages are .doc files, so that you may download them, and use them to complete your homework assignments.
Download them, add your work, SAVE them, and send me the completed file as an attachment to an email message.
The Greek Textbook is available here

I would be grateful for comments and ideas - particularly from other teachers and from those who are trying to teach themselves Greek.

The Greek Textbook and these Homework files are available for my students and for anyone else who wishes to learn Greek.
They may be freely downloaded and printed out.

Although I am making them generally available, they may not be used for commercial purposes.
I retain the copyright.

If your computer has Unicode fonts already installed, you should see the Greek text correctly.
If your monitor shows some boxes instead of characters, you need to download and install a polytonic Greek Unicode font which has the Greek accents. There are several of these available for free download.
Go here for Unicode fonts and resources
The font I am presently using is Times New Roman, but any Unicode polytonic Greek font should show the text correctly. Such fonts are Cardo, Gentium, Galatia SIL (not SIL Galatia, which is an older non-Unicode font)
Current versions of Times New Roman, Arial and Lucida Sans Unicode should also have the Greek accents.

Download a Homework Page :

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