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NOTE : I am no longer updating and correcting these pages on a regular basis.
I no longer use SPIonic as my main Greek font, as there is now adequate support for Unicode polytonic Greek fonts.
Greek grammar and vocabulary are now presented in my Online Greek Textbook.



Go here for Grammar Pages
For Vocabularies associated with each Chapter of Dobson's "Learn New Testament Greek", see the Chapter Helps
This was for a previous textbook, which I no longer use. I am leaving the Chapter Helps here because some people are still using them.

Use the "short" lists for vocabulary building and memorization, starting with the most frequently occurring words, and building up to less frequent ones.
"long" lists are for use as a dictionary and as helps to translation.
The files are in .pdf form, for which you will need Adobe Acrobat, available for free download, or some other .pdf reader.





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