Answers to the Quiz on Edited Standard Written English ( ESWE )


Go here for the Quiz before you look at the answers.
Give yourself an informal quiz - correct the various mistakes in the examples below, then check in the second column to see how you score.

1. I done real good. I did really well.
2. I sended you an e-mail. I sent you an e-mail.
3. Moses be real mad. Moses is really angry.
4. Sarah bared a son. Sarah bore a son.
5. Abraham bored a son. Abraham begat (or had) a son.
Women conceive and bear children. Men beget children.
6. Moses goes to Pharaoh and said "Get lost". Moses went to Pharaoh and said "Get lost".
7. Abraham and Sarah was very old. Abraham and Sarah were very old.
8. He would of done better if he'd tried. He would have done better if he'd tried.
9. Noah build an alter. Noah built an altar.
10. The cow licked it's calf. The cow licked its calf.
11. Issac got old. Isaac grew (or became) old.
12. God done changed Jacobs name to Isreal. God changed Jacob's name to Israel.
13. Moses's journey was long. Moses' journey was long.
14. i saw a cowboy on a horse smoking a cigarette. I saw a cowboy who was sitting on a horse and smoking a cigarette.
15. Theres mistake in here. There's a mistake in here.

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To sum up :
Essays should be prepared with a word processor and proof-read for typos, spelling, and grammar before they are sent to the Instructor. The standards of Edited Standard Written English, ESWE, will be applied to the Essays. Essays which contain many mistakes in grammar, spelling, and/or punctuation may be downgraded by a letter grade.

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