Computing Skills


For classes which are conducted online, you will need the following:

1 A computer which allows you to access the BlackBoard site and other Web Pages.

3 A word-processing program such as MS-Word, or a text editor such as Notepad that will produce plain ASCII text files for your essays and reports.

4 Sufficient knowledge of the operation of your computer to do all of the above.

5 Please make sure that you have the necessary computing skills BEFORE attempting to take Web-based Courses.
You will need to spend your time on the reading and writing assignments of the Course, rather than on learning how to use your computer and software.

6 Sufficient motivation and self discipline to work in an independent, self-paced fashion.

7 In order to take a Web-based course, you must enroll for the course at the Registrar's Office and pay the course fees, and then complete the on-line form so that your instructor can set up your course records.

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Print the pages out and keep them for reference during the Course

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