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Notes for Wheelock chapters, by Prof. Dale Grote

Preamble and Preface
Chapter 1 : First and Second Conjugation Verbs: Indicative, Imperative, and Infinitive
Chapter 2 : Cases; First Declension; Agreement of Adjectives
Chapter 3 : Second Declension; Masculine Nouns and Adjectives; Word Order
Chapter 4 : Neuter Nouns of the Second Declension; Summary of Adjectives; Present Indicative of Sum; Predicate Nouns and Adjectives
Chapter 5 : First and Second Conjugations: Future Indicative Active; Adjectives of the First and Second Declension in -er
Chapter 6 : Sum: Future and Imperfect Indicative; Possum: Present, Future, and Imperfect Indicative; Complementary Infinitive
Chapter 7 : Third Declension Nouns
Chapter 8 : Third Conjugation - duco : Present Infinitive, Present and Future Indicative, Present Imperative Active
Chapter 9 - Demonstrative Pronouns: Hic ; Ille ; Iste
Chapter 10 - Fourth Conjugation, and -io Verbs of the Third Conjugation : Present and Future Indicative, Present Imperative and Active Infinitive
Chapter 11 : Personal Pronouns Ego and Tu; Pronouns Is and Idem
Chapter 12 : Perfect System Active of All Verbs; Principal Parts
Chapter 13 : Reflexive Pronouns and Possessives; the Intensive Ipse
Chapter 14 : i-Stem Nouns of the Third Declension; Ablatives of Means, Manner, and Accompaniment
Chapter 15 : The Imperfect Indicative Active; Ablative of Time
Chapter 16 : Adjectives of the Third Declension
Chapter 17 : The Relative Pronoun
Chapter 18 : The Passive Voice for the 1st and 2nd Conjugations in the Present System; Ablative of Agent
Chapter 19 : Perfect Passive System of All Verbs; Interrogative Pronouns and Adjectives
Chapter 20 : Fourth Declension; Ablatives of "Place from Which" and Separation
Chapter 21 : Third and Fourth Conjugations: Passive Voice of Indicative and Present Infinitive
Chapter 22 : Fifth Declension; Summary of Ablatives
Chapter 23 : Participles
Chapter 24 : Ablative Absolute; Passive Periphrastic; Dative of Agent
Chapter 25 : All Infinitives Active and Passive; Indirect Statements
Chapter 26 : Comparison of Adjectives; Declension of Comparatives
Chapter 27 : Special and Irregular Comparison of Adjectives
Chapter 28 : Subjunctive: Present Active and Passive; Jussive; Purpose Clauses
Chapter 29 : Imperfect Subjunctive; Present and Imperfect Subjunctive of Sum and Possum; Result Clauses
Chapter 30 : Perfect and Pluperfect Subjunctive Active and Passive; Sequence of Tenses; Indirect Questions
Chapter 31 : Cum with the Subjunctive; Fero
Chapter 32 : Adverbs: Formation and Comparison; Volo
Chapter 33 : Conditions
Chapter 34 : Deponent Verbs; Ablative with Special Deponents
Chapter 35 : Dative With Special Verbs; Dative With Compounds

Prof. Grote has made these notes freely available to teachers and students :

I call the guides "Study Guide to Wheelock," and have made them available for free use to anyone who'd like use them. . .
So far as I'm concerned they can be copied and sent anywhere.

Dale A. Grote
Department of Foreign Languages
UNC Charlotte
Charlotte, NC 28223

A Note From Grote (the author)

I get many requests . . . for more information about these old notes and about other resources for Latin. Here's some information that answers questions frequently posed.

  • These notes are really old, dating back to at least 1991, when I first posted them to an FTP site for other Latin teachers to inspect and to use as they saw fit. You'll find a couple of mistakes here and there, and you'll notice that there are no chapters 36-40. Also, there are some exercises in the guides that aren't answered on the Net. Finally, the notes were meant to accompany Wheelock's 4th edition. Wheelock is now in the 6th edition, so there will be some misfits here and there.
  • There is a second edition of my guide, substantially revised and updated for the 6th edition of Wheelock, available in print form at Bolchazy-Carducci: A Comprehensive Guide to Wheelock.
  • I also have some materials, including audio files, that you may find helpful at
  • If you're home schooling and would like to get your hands on more materials, Rick LaFleur has written a book you'll find very useful:
    Latin for the 21st Century: ISBN 0-673-57608-6. Now available from Prentice Hall-Scott Foresman Publishers, Glenview IL: to order, call 1-800-552-2259 or fax 1-800-333-3328.  It's about $25.00.

There. Even if I've answered your questions, I'd still like to hear from you. It gives me great pleasure to hear from people who are using these old notes. Please write a quick note - even if it's just to say "Hey!"

Dale A Grote
Department of Foreign Languages
UNC Charlotte
Charlotte, NC 28223
(704) 687-4242

The original text of Grote's "Study Guide to Wheelock's Latin" can be downloaded from Wiretap as a 700Kb file in one piece.

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