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Most of the digs listed below accept students for all or part of the season. Accommodations vary from tents or Youth Hostels, to Hotels with swimming pools and air conditioning. Fees and Credits / Tuition vary. Further details can be obtained from the Dig Directors or the Contact Persons.

Some of the links lead to the Israel Antiquities Authority Page at rather than directly to the page for the dig. This web site gets changed around frequently and links go dead.

NOTE - because of the present situation in the Middle East, some of the digs may not be in operation this year

Site - Web Page Director Contact
Abila David Vila David Vila
Akko - Acre Adrian Boas Dept. of Archaeology, Haifa Univ., Mount Carmel, Haifa 31905, Israel
Al-'Umayri old site
Al-'Umayri dig data base
Al-'Umayri sign up
Larry G. Herr and
Douglas R. Clark
Douglas R. Clark
Madaba Plains
Apollonia-Arsuf Dr. Oren Tal Ilan Shachar
Online Applications
Ashkelon - U. Chicago WebSite
Ashkelon - Harvard WebSite
Prof. Lawrence E. Stager, and
Daniel Master
Prof. Lawrence E. Stager
Assawir Adam Zertal Ron Beeri
Banias - Caesarea Philippi
Banias - Israeli MFA WebSite
Vassilios Tzaferis and
Charles R. Page II
Charles R. Page II
Beit Guvrin Michael Cohen and
Amos Kloner
Michael Cohen
Bethsaida Rami Arav and
Richard Freund
Stephen Reynolds
Beth Shean and Tel Rehov Amihai Mazar and
Nava Panitz-Cohen
Beth Shemesh Zvi Lederman
Zvi Lederman (2nd email addy) and
Shlomo Bunimovitz
Dale W. Manor
Caesarea Maritima Eduard Reimhardt Laura Cohen
Capernaum Vassilios Tzaferis and
Charles R. Page II
Charles R. Page II or second email addy
Dor - Hebrew U. of Jerusalem Page
Dor - U. of Washington Page
Ilan Sharon,
Ayelet Gilboa,
Elizabeth Bloch-Smith
Aaron Brodie and
Andrew Stewart
Elizabeth Bloch-Smith,
Elizabeth Bloch-Smith 2nd email,
Elizabeth Bloch-Smith 3rd email, or
Sarah Stroup
Ein Gedi Oasis
Ein Gedi
Gideon Hadas
Gideon Hadas 2nd email
Gideon Hadas
Gideon Hadas 2nd email
El-Ahwat Adam Zertal Prof. Adam Zertal
Gamla Danny Syon Ramona Bar-Levi
Gezer Steve Ortiz Steve Ortiz
Hallif or Tell Halif Oded Borowski and
James W, Hardin
Oded Borowski
Halutza Haim Goldfus and
Benny Arubas
Haim Goldfus
Harasim Shmuel Givon Prof. Ryan Byrne
Har Karkom or
other Web Site
Emmanuel Anati Prof. Emmanuel Anati or
other email addy
Hazor 2nd site
Prof. Amnon Ben-Tor and
Sharon Zuckerman
Sharon Zuckerman
Hippos - Sussita Michael Eisenberg and
Arthur Segal
Michael Eisenberg
Jaffa - Tel Yaffo Ze'ev Herzog American Contact :
Dr. John C. Lawrenz
Jalul (Madaba Plains)
Madaba Plains Project
Randall Younker and
Constance Gain
Susan W. Oliver, or
Jody Washburn
Jebel Hamrat Fidan Thomas E. Levy and
Russell B. Adams
Maria Randerson
Jerusalem - Temple Mount Asaf Avraham Asaf Avraham
Jerusalem - Temple Mount Sifting Project blog
Jerusalem - Temple Mount Sifting Project BAR page
Gabriel Barkay and
Zachi Zweig
Yonatan Chemla
Jerusalem - Mount Zion James D. Tabor and
Shimon Gibson
Kedesh Sharon Herbert and
Andrea Berlin
Prof. Sharon Herbert
Prof. Andrea Berlin
Kfar HaHoresh Nigel Goring-Morris Michal Birkenfeld
Khirbet el-Maqatir Bryant Wood Henry B. Smith, Jr.
Khirbat Al-Mudayna
Wadi ath-Thamath
Robert Chadwick,
P. M. Michèle Daviau,
Robert Chadwick
P. M. Michèle Daviau,
Wilfred Laurier University,
Christophen Gohm
Khirbet Iskander Suzanne Richard and
Jessse C. Long
Suzanne Richard
Khirbet en-Nahas Thomas E. Levy and
Russel B. Adams
Thomas E. Levy
Khirbet Qeiyafa Yosef Garfinkel and
Saar Ganor
Yosef Garfinkel
Kinneret Jürgen Zangenberg,
Juha Pakkala, and
Stefan Münger
Kirsi Valkama
Kursi Vassilios Tzaferis and
Charles R. Page II
Charles R. Page II
another email addy
Masos Shmuel Givon Prof. Shmuel Givon
Madaba Plains - Tell Jalul Randall W. Younker and
David Merling
Dr. Douglas R. Clark
Madaba - Tell Madaba Debra Foran Dr. Douglas R. Clark
Megiddo Blog
Israel Finkelstein,
David Ussishkin, and
Eric Cline
Norma Franklin
Nahal David Haim Cohen Nahal David Information
Nazareth Farm or this link Stephan Pfann and
Ross Voss
Stephan Pfann
Petra Dr. Philip C. Hammond Dr. Philip C. Hammond
Ramat Ha-Nadiv Yizhar Hirschfeld Viviana Moscovich
Omer Sergei
Ramat Rahel Oded Lipschits,
Manfred Oeming, and
Yuval Gadot
Omer Sergey
Rehov Amihai Mazar Dr. Dan Browning or
Nava Panitz-Cohen
Rujm el Hiri Mike Freikman Zeev Weiss
Sepphoris, or
Sepphoris - Hebrew University
Zeev Weiss Zeev Weiss
Sepphoris (USF) James F. Strange Barbara Pilcher
Sha'ar ha-Golan Yosef Garfinkel Yosef Garfinkel
Shuni Eli Shenhav and
Kareem Abo Mokh
Shuni Excavations
Tamar - BAR page
Yigal Israel and
Craig Bowman
Jodi Coxon
Tel Abu al-Kharaz Peter M. Fischer Peter M. Fischer
Tel Burna
Tel Burna - BAR page
Itzhaq Shai, Itzahaq Shai 2nd email, and
Joe Uziel
Itzhaq Shai, Itzahaq Shai 2nd email, and
Joe Uziel
Tel Dan webpage dated 2008
Tel Dan - BAR page
David Ilan Nili Fox
Tel Kinrot Stefan Muenger Stefan Muenger
Tell es-Safi ( Gath )
2nd Website
Aren M. Maeir
Aren M. Maeir 2nd email addy
Aren M. Maeir
Aren M. Maeir 2nd email addy
Tel Tanninim Prof. R. R. Stieglitz Prof. R. R. Stieglitz
Tel Yin'am Harold Liebowitz and
Anne M. Dehnisch
Anne M. Dehnisch
Tiberias Katia Cytryn-Silverman Shulamit Miller
Wadi ath-Thamad
Same as Khirbat al-Mudayna
P. M. Michele Daviau,
Robert Chadwick, and
Annlee Dolan
Wadi Haman pdf file
Wadi Haman - BAR page
Uzi Leibner Shulamit Miller
Ya'amun Jerome C. Rose and
Mahmoud El-Najjar
Jerome C. Rose
Yavneh-Yam Moshe Fischer and
Itamar Taxel
Moshe Fischer or
Ilan Shachar
Yotvata Uzi Avner, Jodi Magness and
Gwyn Davies
Jodi Magness
Zayit Prof. Ron E. Tappy Prof. Ron E. Tappy

Go here for the list compiled by Biblical Archaeology Review

If you can't get to the Middle East, try New Mexico Archaeological Studies
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