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For Links to Archaeological Digs which accept student workers, see the Digs Page


Aerial Views and Maps of Jerusalem - includes good commentaries and historical notes
Facts about Israel
Israel - National Parks
The Holy Sepulchre
Jerusalem Mosaic Tour
The Temple Mount
The Khotel Kam - The Camcorder at the Western Wall of the Temple Mount
Virtual Tour of Israel
Virtual Tour of Jerusalem
Holy Land Tours
Hebrew Net resources
Jewish Net Resources
Jewish Net Resources

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Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan
Sami Shalabi's Page

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The Middle East

Center for Middle Eastern Studies
Online Intelligence Project - Middle East

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The Perseus Project - * This has it all * - Archaeology, History, Geography, Maps, Greek Texts, Language - Grammar, Syntax. The texts can be read and printed out in English and/or Greek. To read the Greek texts one needs to download and install the Greek browser fonts which can also be accessed from this site. The Site can be confusing at first, but it's well worth getting used to.
College Year in Athens
Classical Backpacking in Greece - maps, photos, descriptions
Tourist guide to Greece
Historical and Cultural Atlas

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VRoma - virtual comunity for Rome studies

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Kusadasi - Ephesus

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Assyria Online

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