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The Hebrews (part of the World Civilizations Site)

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The Perseus Project - * This has it all * - Archaeology, History, Geography, Maps, Greek Texts, Language - Grammar, Syntax. The texts can be read and printed out in English and/or Greek. To read the Greek texts one needs to download and install the Greek browser fonts which can also be accessed from this site. The Site can be confusing at first, but it's well worth getting used to.
Alexander the Great
Ancient Greece (part of the World Civilizations Site)
Hellenic Culture
The Minoans & The Myceneans (part of the World Civilizations Site)
The Classical Origins of Western Culture (course material at Brooklyn College)
Historical and Cultural Atlas
A concise History of Macedonia
History of Macedonia

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A Visual Compendium of Roman Emperors
Roman Web Site List
Rome - History Resource Center
Rome (part of the World Civilizations Site)
Windows on Italy - the History
An Atlas of the Greek and Roman World
Professor Christopher S. Mackay's Course on Early Roman History, CLASS 365 : index page
Forum Romanum - Dr. William C. Morey's "Outlines of Roman History"
Rome expands abroad

The Roman - Macedonian Wars
Macedonian and Greek sources tend to play down the Macedonian-Roman Wars (they lost)
Roman history sources tend to give more details, but are also concerned with the Punic Wars between Rome and Carthage, which overlapped the Macedonian-Roman Wars.

Battle of Pydna, with photo
Macedonian-Roman Wars
Second Punic War, part 2 - includes the 1st Macedonian War
2nd Macedonian War
3rd Macedonian War
"Final Settlement of Greece"
Hannibal Site - nice clear maps
1st Macedonian War
2nd Macedonian War
Battle of Cynocephalae
Philip V of Macedonia
3rd Macedonian War
Battle of Pydna
Perseus, last King of Macedonia
Aemilius Paulus
4th Macedonian War
Conquests in the East
Reduction of Macedonia and Greece

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Ancient Egypt (part of the World Civilizations Site)
Ancient Egypt resource Pages prepared by 5th and 6th grade students of the International School of Amsterdam
Ancient Egypt on the Net
The Ancient Egypt Site
Egyptian Projects and InterNet Resources - another set of good Links by 6th grade students
Egyptology Resources - Newton Institute of the University of Cambridge
History of Egypt
Life in ancient Egypt
Jim Loy's Egyptology Pages

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Assyria Online
Mesopotamia (a part of the World Civilizations Site)

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Ancient History & Archaeology of the Middle East
Ancient History Sourcebook - loads of links to good sites
Ancient World Web
Argos - search the Ancient and Medieval InterNet
Classics and Archaeology Page - University of Michigan - enormous list of links
Exploring Ancient World Cultures
Ancient World Civilizations and Religions - great list of links
Bible History Site - lots of links to all sorts of sites
Images from History
World Civilizations - the site is a bit confusing, but there are good pages on Egypt, Mesopotamia, and the Hebrews
Middle East History Links
The Labyrinth - medieval studies
Christian Time lines
World History
Web Chronology Project
page of links
page of links for Ancient Civilizations

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