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All sorts of levels and styles. Find one you like and use it for a while, then go on to another.

AAAHTML ][ All HTML.com ][ Annabella's HTML Help
The Bare Bones Guide to HTML ][ A Beginner's Guide to HTML
CGI/Perl tutorial ][ The Complete Guide to HTML ][ Craig's 1 Stop for HTML ][ Create a Church Home Page
Dave's HTML Resource Centre ][ Easy as HTML ][ Extensions to HTML 2.0
Guide to Learning HTML
Home Page Creation Center ][ The Home Page Homepage ][ House of Style (Style Sheets) ][ How to write HTML files ][ HTML 4.0 ][ HTML 4 Rookies Tutorial ][ HTML for the Complete Idiot ][ HTML Developer's Jumpstation ][ HTML Developer's Page ][ HTML Down and Dirty ][ HTML: A Guide for Beginners ][ HTML Index ][ HTML: An Interactive Tutorial for Beginners ][ HTML Made Really Easy ][ HTML Quick Reference ][ HTML Samples ][ HTML Techniques ][ HTML Tips and Tricks ][ HTML Tutorial ][ HTML Tutorial ][ HTML Tutorial ][ HTML Tutorial ][ HTML Tutorials ][ htxp
Intermediate HTML ][ Introduction to HTML
Learn HTML in Seven Easy Steps
Making a Home Page
Netscape's Guide to creating Net Sites
A Quick Guide to HTML and CGI Scripts
SGML Open Home Page
Table Maker ][ Tables in Netscape
WebCReAtOR Guide to Nifty Things ][ Web/HTML docs ][ Webmonkey - HTML Tutorial

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Personally, I don't have much use for HTML Editors - I find I can code more quickly and have more control over the finished page if I just use a plain text editor such as NotePad™. I also use NotePad to open and edit Style Sheets - set the computer to open files with extension .css in NotePad. This is how I use NotePad to give a WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) effect :

  1. Open the HTML page in the browser you want to use.
  2. View the Source Code with NotePad in another window (in Explorer, this is "View" and "Source")
  3. Edit the text, putting in whatever tags you want
  4. "Save" the file
  5. Click on the window with the Browser view, and click "Refresh"
  6. You will see the changes you have made
  7. Save and refresh after each change - it's easier to see if you made a mistake

If you want to play things safe, in case of foul-ups with the code, save a backup copy of the original file first before making changes.
When editing with NotePad, or most other Windows-based text editors, there are some very useful short-cuts : when text has been highlighted (by left-click and drag the mouse) Ctrl-x will cut it to the clipboard, Ctrl-c will copy without cutting, Ctrl-v will paste from the clipboard, and Ctrl-z will undo the last step. The left hand stays with the little finger over the Ctrl key and the index finger moves to the other keys as needed - one can work up quite a speed and still be accurate.

However, if you want to try some editors, here is a list of some shareware or trial versions available for download. Beware of the big fancy programs - they often try to second-guess you, and put in code automatically without you knowing it (FrontPage has a particularly nasty habit of putting in junky code whenever you open a file with it)

CNet Review ][ HTML Editor Reviews - Carl Davis (may not be up-to-date) ][ HTML authoring programs ][ Webmasters Toolbox Reviews ][ ZDNet Review
Adobe PageMill ][ AOL Web Publishing Tools ][ Arachnophilia - If I were to use an editor, Arachnophilia would probably be it. Nice smily spider logo
CodeEdit ][ Coffee Cup ][ Cool Page ][ CuteHTML
Hanpage ][ HTMLAssistant ][ HTMLed ][ The HTML Editor ][ HTML Pad ][ HTML Writer ][ Hyper Tab
Macromedia Dreamweaver ][ Maiven ][ Max's HTML Beauty
Netscape Composer ][ NetWizards ][ NoteTab
Pretty HTML
W3e 2000
There are many more text-based and WYSIWYG Editors available - check out the shareware sites such as tucows, CNet, and Jumbo

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Bobby program which graphically marks-up a web page with disability access and browser compatibility suggestions ][ Bootstrap Action Research - test your web site for broken links, download speed, valid html
CSE 3310 HTML Validator
Designing an Accessible Web Page ][ Doctor HTML ][ Dr. Watson
National Center for Accessible Media ][ NetMechanic - search your Web site and find broken links, spot bad HTML tags, and rate your server's response time
W3C HTML Validation Service ][ W3C Web Accessibility Initiative ][ W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0 - how to make content accessible more available to all uses, regardless of user agent or operating constraints ][ Web Accessibility in Mind (WebAIM) - includes information, training, courses, and other resources to help make the internet accessible to those with disabilities ][ Web Directory: Designing Accessible Web Pages - links to information on how to design accessible Web pages for persons with disabilities ][ Web Directory: HTML Validation Tools ][ Web Directory: HTML Validators ][ Web Directory: Web Accessibility Sites ][ Weblint HTML checker - no longer being maintained ][ Weblint 2 ][ Weblint error scanner ][ Weblint Service ][ Web Site Garage

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Boogie Jack's "Almost a Newsletter"

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