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Have you ever waited MINUTES for some inessential large graphic to download ?
Have you ever tried to read a Page which had white or yellow text on a dark background ?
Have you ever tried to read text against a background which was so fussy that it obscured the text ?
Please hear my plea for dark text on light backgrounds, and for restraint in the use of graphics - particularly animated jigglers and flashers.
Your Page is more likely to be read and re-visited if it is easy to access and easy to read.

The Lord is my WebMaster
@Websites ][ A New Level of HTML-Abuse - Don't try this at home, kids! ][ All About Your Own Website.com ][ Ask Dr. Web
Bad Style Page ][ Beginner's Home Page Starter Kit ][ The Best Designs ][ Beyond the Bones of HTML
CAUGHT ][ CoolHomePages.com ][ Crafting a Nifty Personal Web Site ][ Creating Effective Web Documents
Design-O-Rama! ][ The Developers Gallery ][ Do's and Don'ts of Web Design ][ DreamInk Web Design Guide ][ Dzine
Glossary of Design Terms ][ Glossary of Internet Terms ][ Graphic Design Resources
How to Build Lame Sites - tried-and-true methods guaranteed to drive users away ][ How to Make an Annoying Web Page ][ HTML 10 Commandments ][ HTML Bad Style Page ][ The "Home Page" Home Page ][ Hypergurl
Interent Dictionary @ Mr. Bill's World
MagicWiz ][ Making a WWW Flop ][ Mechanical Monkey
Netdictionary ][ NetGlos ][ net lingo ][ Netscape's guide to Creating Net Sites
Operation Web
Page Resource.com ][ Pixel Pen ][ Pixel Politics - includes sections on code, layout, and graphics
Resources and Assistants for Webmasters
Sitestruct (no longer updated) ][ So You Wanna Design Your Own Web Page ? ][ Square One Technology : Internet Glossary ][ Style Guide for online hypertext - by the W3 Consortium
Techdude's Amazing tips ][ The Ten Commandments of HTML ][ Top Ten Mistakes in Web Design ][ Top Ten ways to tell if you have a sucky Web Page ][ The Top Ten Ways to tell if you have a Sucky Home Page - second site ][ The Top Ten Ways to tell if you have a Sucky Home Page - third site ][ The Top Ten Ways to Improve your Home Page ][ The Top Ten Ways to Improve your Home Page - second site ][ TrainingTools.com
Virtually Ignorant
WDVL : The Beginners Page ][ Web Alley ][ Web Building ][ Web Design Guide for Beginners ][ Web Developer's Virtual Library ][ Webeditor.org ][ Webiquette ][ The Webmaster's Resource ][ Web Pages That Suck - learn good web page design techniques by looking at bad web page design ][ Webguest's Web Glossary ][ Web Page Design ][ Web Resources ][ Web Tools & Graphics ][ Web Wonk ][ What if Dr. Seuss did techie writing ?
Yale Web Style Guide

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Are you Colorblind ?
Bobby - program which graphically marks-up a web page with disability access and browser compatibility suggestions
Colorblind ][ Color Deficient Vision - A simulation of how the VisiBone web-safe color palette appears to the colorblind ][ Color Perception Issues - Information on types of color blindness, simulations, and design information ][ Color Vision Store ][ Color Vision Test ][ Creamer Color Chart
Daltonism ][ Designing an Accessible Web Page
Ishihara Test for Color Blindness
National Center for Accessible Media ][ Neitz Color Vision Lab
Safe Web Colours for Colour-Deficient Vision
Usability.gov - information on how to make Web sites and other user interfaces more usable, accessible, and useful ][ Usable Web ][ useit.com - Jakob Nielsen's Site
Viewable with any Browser ][ the Vischeck Color Blindness Simulator - The Vischeck utility simulates how your images will look to people with various types of color deficiency
W3C Web Accessibility Initiative ][ W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0 - how to make content accessible more available to all uses, regardless of user agent or operating constraints ][ Web Accessibility in Mind (WebAIM) - includes information, training, courses, and other resources to help make the internet accessible to those with disabilities ][ Web Directory: Designing Accessible Web Pages - links to information on how to design accessible Web pages for persons with disabilities ][ Web Directory: Web Accessibility Sites

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Color Blender - This script allows you to color and blend any text like a rainbow or any other pattern you choose! ][ ColorCenter - A JavaScript application that lets you select colors and textures, and try out HTML fragments on-the-fly ][ Color samples and names ][ colorspeak - interactively explores how we associate the so-called safe colors with words, people, emotions, and events in our own experience
Doug Jacobson's RGB Hex Triplet Color Chart ][ Dream Artists Hex Code Page ][ DynaColor - easy-to-use tool for creating WWW color schemes
HTML Background Color Selector
Palette Man - color palette-generation and interaction system lets you select browser-safe colors and manipulate their reciprocal effects ][ Pantone Color Institute - offers the knowledge of color psychology, science, application, and technical expertise to help individuals and companies understand and use color effectively
RGB Color Chart ][ RGBPro - for choosing colors of background, text, and objects ][ RGBtoHex
Two4U's Color page! - contains color-databases, a color compose engine, and backgrounds FAQ
VisiBone Webmaster's Color Lab - clickable poster gives you an easy browser-safe color palette
Wally's Box O' Crayons ][ Whoa, the cOLoRS man - This PERL script makes picking a color for your home page easy and fun!

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Association Of InterNet Professionals
BlueMenta ][ Bobby ][ Bootstrap Action Research - test your web site for broken links, download speed, valid html ][
CSE 3310 HTML Validator - offline HTML syntax checker for Windows 95/98 and NT
Developers Network ][ Doctor HTML ][ Dr. Watson - link verification, spell check, and HTML syntax analysis ][ DWB's WWW Authoring Info (no longer updated)
HTML Hut ][ htxp
InfoLink ][ ISPs - The List
MapMaker - make an image map ][ Meta Medic
NetBizCity - web tools, meta tag checker, meta tag generator, link popularity check ][ NetMechanic - search your Web site and find broken links, spot bad HTML tags, and rate your server's response time
Practical Guide for HTML Publishing and Resources
SGML Open Home Page
W3C HTML Validation Service ][ Web Developer's Corner ][ Web Development Resources ][ Web Directory: HTML Validation Tools ][ Web Directory: HTML Validators ][ Weblint HTML checker - no longer being maintained ][ Weblint - second site ][ Weblint error scanner ][ Webmaster Reference Library ][ Webmasters Resources ][ Webmaster Yellow Pages ][ Web Site Garage ][ Web Tools - LFT Service's lists of all sorts of goodies ][ WWW and HTML Tools - by the W3 Consortium

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Test your Pages in as many Browsers as you can find

Amaya - W3C's testbed browser ][ Arachne - for DOS and Linux ][ AWeb - browser for the Amiga
Internet Explorer
Lynx ][ Lynx users guide
Mosaic ][ Mozilla ][ MSN Explorer
Net-Tamer for DOS ][ Netscape
OmniWeb - for Mac ][ Opera
Safari - for Macs
Web Browsers - CNET Reviews

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The Job's not finished till the Paper Work is done !
Publicize your Page by registering it with the Search Engines

AddMe ][ AdLinkz ][ All In One Christian Submit All ][ All the Web ][ Alta Vista ][ AltaVista alternate
Christian Internet links ][ City Links 1 ][ City Links 2 ][ City.Net
Gigablast ][ Google ][ Google Web Directory
New Mexico Site
The Open Directory ][ Open Text Index
Pathfinder ][ Personal Seek - For personal home pages ][ Pronet
Starting Point ][ Submit It !
Web Crawler ][ Web Robots Data Base ][ Web Robots Data Base 2 ][ W3 Search Engines ][ What's New Too ][ WiseNut ][ WWW Pointers - links to search engines etc ][ WWW Worm ][ WWW Yellow Pages

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Use good meta tags to help the search process

Back to Basics: META Tags ][ Bravenet's Meta Tag Analyzer
Deadlock's Tagmaster
How To Use Meta Tags ][ HTML META, REL and REV Tags
Meta Medic - designed to test meta tags for search engine compatability ][ META Tagging for Search Engines ][ Meta Tags ][ META Tags 101 ][ Meta-Tag Generator
Submit Corner
Wordtracker - for Meta tag Keywords

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Get a short, snappy URL to replace a clunky long one

Alias Names | | Allow It | | Dial To | | Gosurf | | InterNet Jump | | Just As | | Opt | | V3 | | WebAlias

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