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A Brief History of Felis Catus and the Time Warp Gallery
Hieroglyphics Pages by "Neferkiki"
Travels with Mousey
Hot Air - Annals of Improbable Research
The IgNobel Prizes and The IgNobel Archives
The Darwin Awards
Ebonics Genesis
Lill Red Ridin Hud
Monty Python 1
Monty Python 2
Monty Python 3
Monty Python 4
English as She is Spoke
They thought you'd say this - real sentences from foreign-language phrase books
the Zompist Phrase book
the Second Zompist Phrase book
Wotch Fun Pages
Wotch Fun Page Index - many of the pages seem to have gone down
A Bun Dance
USA Election 2000 Dress Up
Chronological List of the Flops - with texts for some of them
Music Jokes
Viola Jokes
Viola Jokes
Viola Jokes
Viola Jokes
Guitar Jokes

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