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The Cyber Hymnal - midi files, lyrics, music
The Cyber Nymnal - indexed by meter
Greg Sheer Music's Free Praise Songs
Church Music - texts, not MIDI
Mondoy music - Hawaian Mass Music
Many Things MIDI Files
NM Music Educators
Classic Web Viola Page
The InterNet Viola Society
PIPORG-L - Pipe Organs
PIPORG-L - Pipe Organs, second site
Organ Geeks Online
International Organ Foundation
Pipe Organ Encyclopedia
Organ Classifieds
North East Organist resource pages
Theatre Organs
Huddersfield Organists Association
Huddersfield Philharmonic
The Piano Page
Piano on the Net - Lessons
Piano Parlor
Guitar - Lessons
Guitar - Lessons
Guitar - Lessons
Guitar - resources
Bassoon Home Page
Learn to play the Harmonica
Music Resources
J. S. Bach Homepage
Picture Gallery of Classical Composers

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