Poetic and Wisdom Literature of the Old Testament

REL 310


Exams will be Open Book. The Exams may contain questions on Geography and/or History, which you will be able to answer by reference to the Geography Pages and History Pages

No Mid-term Exam this semester

Students who have work which is overdue should use the time to finish their late work and send it in by midnight, WEDNESDAY, October 12, 2011

Mid-term Project for submission by midnight, WEDNESDAY, October 12, 2011 :

Write a "Wisdom Psalm" in the form of an alphabetic acrostic, with two lines for each letter of the alphabet.
You are excused from lines for X and Z, but may write them for extra credit.
You may choose either a rhyming form using one of the meters used in English poetry, or an alliterative form similar to that of Hebrew poetry.
You should use the themes and style of Biblical Wisdom literature.

Examples :
A wise man studies to do right,
A fool will sleep both day and night.

Agnostics suffer agonies of apprehension,
And angry ants await the arrogant.

I know you can do better than that


Final Exam for submission by midnight, WEDNESDAY, December 14, 2011 :

Final Project for submission by midnight, WEDNESDAY, December 14, 2011 :

Write two verses of a Hymn based on any passage of poetical literature which you have studied in this course.
You may use a familiar hymn tune, or if you wish for extra credit, you may write a tune to go with it
Your final work should include the Scripture reference, your verses, and the name and meter of the tune. Original tunes can be indicated by giving the names of the notes (eg. C Bb D# ) or if you have MIDI capabilities you may send me a MIDI file.

Any overdue assignments should be completed and sent in before midnight, WEDNESDAY, December 14, 2011

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