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Evolution of the Alphabet - part of the course material for "History of the Alphabets" taught by Prof. Robert Fradkin at the University of Maryland.
The Evolution of the Alphabet - Lebanese Site
The Invention of the Alphabet
Ancient Scripts - Writing Systems
Ancient Alphabets
The Beginnings of Alphabets
The Phoenician Alphabet and the Alphabet Family Tree
The Early Greek Alphabet - part 1
The Early Greek Alphabet - part 2
The Greek Alphabet
The Greek Alphabet - with sound files
Omniglot - a Guide to Writing Systems
The Hebrew Alphabet - as written by a Jewish Scribe
The Russian Alphabet - with sound files
The Icelandic Alphabet
The Hieroglyphic Alphabet
African Writing Systems - Cornell University Site
Indian Alphabets Comparison Page
The International Phonetic Alphabet - University of Lausanne Site
The International Phonetic Alphabet - International Phonetic Association Site

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