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For Links to Sites about the Alphabet, go here
For Links to Sites for downloading foreign Language fonts, go here


On-line Dictionaries
The SP Fonts - Jimmy Adair's new site
The Rosetta Project - archive of 1,000 Languages
VocabWorks - shareware program for language Vocabulary drills
AncientScripts.com - links for ancient languages
Bible Gateway - Bibles in various languages
Free Language Software
Jennifer's Language Page - greetings etc. in hundreds of languages
K. C. Hanson's Collections of Ancient Documents
The Rosetta Stone - modern language lessons
Rosetta Stone free demo online (the demos used to be better, they are rather minimal now)
TypeIt free online keyboards for typing foreign languages

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A Word A Day
Search Roget's Thesaurus
On-Line Mediaeval and Classics Library

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French lessons
German lessons
German Lessons
Italian Lessons

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Celtic Language mailing lists
Celtic Dictionaries
Celtic Languages
Gaelic Homepapge
Welsh Language Guide - pronunciation
Welsh Studies in North America
Suite 101 Welsh Course
Yamada Language Center's Welsh Resources
Learn Welsh
Clwb Malu Cachu - Club for Wesh Learners
Cwrs E-Wlpan Online Welsh Course from Swansea University
Clic Clic Cymraeg Welsh Course

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There are many more links on the Latin Links page 1 and Latin Links page 2 for the Latin courses on this site

Latin resources
Perseus Site - Latin texts and tools
Classics technology Center - for teachers of Latin and Greek
Latin for Mountain Men (and Women)
Latin Lessons
Latin Lessons
Church Latin Course
Forum Romanum texts, resources
Latin Dictionary
Latin Dictionary
Free Online Latin Dictionary
Latin Wordstock
Biblia Sacra Vulgata - browse the Vulgate
Bibliotheca Latina IntraText - Digital Library of Latin works
Corpus Scriptorum Latinorum - part of the Forum Romanum
The Latin Library
Latin pro Viatoribus - Latin for Tourists (lots of advertising on web site)

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The Perseus Project - * This has it all * - Archaeology, History, Geography, Maps, Greek Texts, Language - Grammar, Syntax. The texts can be read and printed out in English and/or Greek. To read the Greek texts one needs to download and install the Greek browser fonts which can also be accessed from this site. The Site can be confusing at first, but it's well worth getting used to.
Herbert Weir Smyth Greek Grammar - part of the Perseus Site
Jeffrey A. Rydberg-Cox Overview of Greek Syntax - part of the Perseus Site
Differences between Classical and Hellenistic Greek
Wordbase Greek - shareware program that can be used as an electronic Greek dictionary or as a tutorial
Type modern Greek without a special keyboard
Little Greek resources
The Septuagint - in Greek
Greek Lessons (NT Greek)
Greek Prose Style
Wordbase Greek Tutorial - download as .zip file
Notes on the Greek New Testament
About the Greek Language - with audio files of modern Greek
College Year in Athens
Hellenic Electronic Center - offers Greek tutorials and lessons online in both English and Italian
Greek Language and Linguistics Gateway - resources for Ancient Greek and linguistics, Greek Grammars on the Web
Little Greek 101 (Koine) 6 lessons so far
Learn Greek on the Internet - with audio lessons
Greek - Ancient Greek - English Dictionary - translation dictionary for English, Modern Greek, and Ancient Greek
Lexicon of Greek Personal Names - aims to collect and publish all known Ancient Greek personal names, within the period from the earliest Greek written records to approximately the sixth century AD
Ancient Greek - language resources
Greek Alphabet - table listing all of the letters, with their names and pronunciations, and emphasis on their use in mathematics
Ancient Greek World Index - covers the land and the time, daily life, economy, and religion and death
Learn Greek aims toward Koine (NT) Greek
OpenText.org - aims to develop XML-encoded Hellenistic Greek texts and tools for analysis
Sacred texts - Homer in Unicode Greek
Teknia for details of Bill Mounce's books, tapes, specimen chapters, Greek font
Learn to read Greek
The Greek New Testament
Type Greek free online editor for converting Greek beta code into Unicode

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Hebrew simple speaking lessons on the Web
Hebrew Alefbet and Judaica resources
Hebrew Lessons at the Hebrew Corner
IvritNet Hebrew lessons - need to download fonts
Snunit Site - Hebrew Net Resources
Learn Hebrew
My Hebrew Dictionary
My Hebrew Picture Dictionary
Virtual Jerusalem Hebrew Tutors, Quizzes, etc. for download. I've had problems trying to download from this site
Learn Assyrian/Syriac (Aramaic)

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Arabic - Babel Site
The Arabic Alphabet
Learn to read Arabic
Reading Hieroglyphs
Middle Egyptian
A Little Egyptian Reading Book
Basic Lessons in Hieratic
How to pronounce Egyptian
Introduction to Demotic

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Learn Assyrian online
Sumerian Language Page
Sumerian literature

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Chinese Resources
Chinese Language Information page
Conversational Mandarin Chinese
Learn to read Gujarati
Hindi Alphabet
Learn to read Hindi
Hmong Lessons
The Hmong's Corner
The Hmong Homepage
Teach Yourself Japanese
Japanese Lessons
Lao Lessons
Learn to read Punjabi
Learn to read Tamil
Learn to read Urdu
Scripts of all India

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TypeIt Russian free online keyboard
Learn Russian
Russian Grammar
Russian Resources
An Introduction to Russian
Learning Russian
Master Russian
Learn to read Russian
Russian Language Lessons

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Apache Grammar
Apache font
The Official Cherokee Font and information about the Cherokee Language
Cherokee Language Lessons
Navajo conversation
Navajo Teaching materials
Navajo Recipes
Dine College
The RedNations Web Site
Teaching Indigenous Languages

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