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REL 103 - New Testament Survey


Essays should be prepared as a text file .txt (using NotePad) or as a Word .doc using MS-Word. Remember to run the spellcheck and grammarcheck, SAVE your work to a Diskette, and then send it as an attachment to an e-mail message to Dr. Rollinson at
rel103@yahoo.com, rel103@hellokitty.com, rel103@mail2world.com
If your email account allows you to make Mailing Lists, you might make a List of these three addresses, and use it whenever you send your work or messages.

Please do not use macros when writing your essays - the anti-virus software used by ENMU deleted the whole of one of my students' essays, and a Final Exam, because it thought the macros were viruses.

If you wish to use another method for preparing and sending your work, please contact Dr. Rollinson first.

For information on Edited Standard Written English, go here

For help with Essays and Reading Reports, go here.

Apart from Essay No. 1, which may be from one to three pages in length, essays should be from three to ten pages in length, consisting of material relevant to the Topic.
They should not consist of material cut-and-pasted from encyclopedias, on-line crib sites, or other material not of your own writing - That is PLAGIARISM and will earn you an "F" for the Course.
Remember to cite your sources and give due credit to the original author(s) of any work.
If you need help in writing Essays, please contact the Writing Workshop, at Student Academic Services, which is free for all students at ENMU.

Essay No. Topic
1 Send an Attachment of a text file or Word document in which you tell me what you would like to get out of this course.
2 The Life of Jesus from the view-point of Matthew
Write as if you were Matthew, writing to a Jewish friend in Jericho some time after the Resurrection.
3 The Sermon on the Mount (Matthew, chapters 5-7)
from the viewpoint of one of Jesus' disciples.
Write as if you were telling the story to your grandchildren several years afterwards.
4 The History of the Early Church as given in the Acts of the Apostles
Write as if you were Barnabas, telling the story to his family in Caesarea.
5 The Life and Ministry of Paul, from the view-point of Paul
Write as if you were Paul, telling the story of his life to a Roman soldier during his imprisonment in Rome.
6 The Life and Ministry of Peter, from the view-point of Peter
Write as if you were Peter, telling the story of his life to a group of children in Rome.
7 The Life and Ministry of John the Evangelist (the son of Zebedee)
Write as if you were John, telling the story of his life to a group of catechumens (people preparing for Baptism as Christians)

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