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REL 103 - New Testament Survey

These Pages are provided primarily for the students enrolled in the Web Based Course REL 103 - New Testament Survey, given by Dr. Shirley Rollinson at Eastern New Mexico University - ENMU. They may also be used as general resource material for students taking the lecture courses for REL 103 with other instructors, or for anyone else interested in studying the New Testament. To take this Course for credit at ENMU, you must first register at the Registrar's Office at ENMU for the Web Based Course REL 103, Section 14WA, and pay the College fees.
You should then go to the Basics Page, follow the instructions on that Page, and then use the Contact Page to contact Dr. Rollinson so that she may set up your Course records.
If you have problems or would like to make comments, send e-mail to Dr. Rollinson.

Basics Page

Contact Page

Once you have registered and completed the enrollment for the Course you may proceed to the Course Pages and start work on the Course. You should check out the Resource Pages, as they contain material which will help you to get a good grade for the Course.

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