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I am no longer updating this list, but I am leaving it here to give students an indication of where they can find good information online.

Archaeology Journal

Archaeology - Main page
Archaeology - start of online index, 1991 - present
Archaeology - Online Archive
Archaeology Interactive Dig - Pompeii
Archaeology Interactive Dig - Hierakonpolis - including Narmer's Temple
Archaeology Interactive Dig - Petra
Archaeology Interactive Dig - Sagalassos in Turkey
Neolithic Winemaking in Iran - Archaeology 49.5, September/October 1996
Hazor report - Archaeology 49.6, November/December 1996
Chalcolithic cache in Galilee - Archaeology 49.3, May/June 1996
Tel Aviv - Chalcolithic Fertility Figure - Archaeology 54.5, September/October 2001
Tel Halaf in Negev - Egyptian style tomb = Archaeology 50.1, January/February 1997
James' Ossuary
James' Ossuary and Jehoash Inscription
James' Ossuary
James' Ossuary - Golan arrested for forgery
James' Ossuary - more
Archaeology July 3, 2002 - Hawass in Egypt
Archaeology June 6, 2000 - Central Turkey's Four Capitals - including Hittites
Archaeology May 27 1998 - Syria - Tell Halula early cultures
Nazareth skulls

Archaeology Odyssey

List of Digs Worldwide
The World's 10 most endangered sites

National Geographic

Kharga - Egypt
Siloam tunnel, Jerusalem
Ramses I mummy
Pharaoh Tarharkah
At the Tomb of Tutankhamun - 1923 film, slow loading

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